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How to cope with the stress of moving home; Tips for managing your mental health from the experts

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

how to cope with stress
how to cope with stress

The stress of moving home is well documented for its adverse effects on our mental health. But then making that move may also be necessary. Moving homes, especially when relocating overseas, is stressful for our bodies, minds, and souls. So, it's common to feel anxious about moving house or overwhelmed by the big changes this process often brings.

However, don’t let the challenges of a big move send you spiraling into a mental health crisis. To help you cope with moving stress and ensure a happier and smoother transition, we have gathered a few expert tips based on proven moving and mental health strategies.

As one of the best Singapore movers, we want to help you move overseas as effortlessly as possible. This guide will share everything you must know about overcoming the stress of moving.

The emotional stress of moving

We realize that moving is about making a fresh start in a new location. But, this equally means facing an uncertain change. As humans, we love stability and never change, which is why it might be disconcerting to make that move.

Secondly, your financial resources might be limited, making it difficult to make the best decisions about the moving services you need. Again, when moving to a new location, the weeks to the actual moving day might seem like your life is on a temporary pause, further bringing on many emotions and tensions.

What to do to ease the stress of moving?

You must realize that getting overly stressed by moving activities may become detrimental and unbearable to your mental health. Hence, you should take the following steps to respond better to the stress of moving.

1. Identify the symptoms of stress

As you plan your move, you must notice the signs and symptoms that might mean you are overly stressed.

Physically, such stress symptoms include uncontrollable shaking, aches in the different parts of your body, chest pain, and many more. With regards to your mental health, here are other moving stress symptoms:

  • becoming forgetful,

  • Finding it hard to relax

  • Wanting to avoid people

  • Getting unproductive

  • lack organization,

  • think negatively,

  • worry constantly,

  • inability to make sound decisions.

You may also feel anxious and insecure or filled with guilt and grief about leaving your old home behind. All these feelings become amplified as you plan to move to a new house. If you are experiencing any of these, do share this with your partner, family, or close friend and consider consulting a professional.

2. Do your research

Moving is incredibly stressful because of the endless unknowns and uncertainties. Above everything, you may be plagued with the feeling - would I really like moving to that new place? One of the most effective ways to minimize moving stress and ensure a smoother transition is through research. Fortunately, the best movers in Singapore can provide a starting point of providing all the information you need to become comfortable about moving. As one of the best Singapore movers to many locations overseas, we can provide you with tons of information about your international move. When you clearly understand what you’re getting into, you can get an idea of the potential challenges and tackle them. Better planning also helps you create a structured moving plan, identify critical tasks, and set realistic times. It will also help you determine what to do when faced with last-minute surprises. During your research, you want to focus on the cost of moving home, the culture of your destination, and how you plan on making that move. You should also research the accessibility of medical centers, grocery stores, workplaces, schools, etc. The knowledge you get will make you more confident and organized.

3. Declutter

After living in your current home for some time, it’s natural that you have acquired lots of memory alongside junk. However, you can’t move all that stuff overseas – your moving costs would be astronomical if you did! You also need space to keep the things you will acquire in your new location. Hence, you need to declutter your home carefully. Be honest about the vital items you need for your move, not those you plan on using in an ambiguous future. Here are some tips to help you declutter. This will also be an excellent time to donate the items you are giving away, and this list in Singapore might be helpful.

4. Ask for help

Moving is a grueling task. Hence, ask your family members and friends for help to reduce the stress of moving home. Your family can also be beneficial when you are anxious about moving house. Working with them to pack your belongings also offers a great bonding and support experience that would also help improve your mental health.

Consider hiring professional movers if you don’t want to involve your family and friends. They will cost you more, but the peace of mind and less stress will be worth it. Understand the cost involved as early as possible so you can set aside a budget for your move.

5. Create a moving timeline

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin packing your things – that is a surefire way to become overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and heart-wrenching emotions. Knowing that there are things you can’t control, such things might not be quickly accomplished as required. So, it is better to schedule a timeline over a reasonable period on how you would prepare for your move to your new home. That said, you must be realistic about your plan. The devil is in the details; learn more about SIR’s approach to Move Planning and Management.

6. Prepare a checklist

Even if you use a professional packing service from international movers in Singapore to get your things into containers, there’s still much work. To ensure you don’t forget a single detail, consider creating a checklist to guide you. The checklist will include items such as the boxes and containers for packing your stuff, financial obligations, travel, and contingency plans. A checklist helps you stay organized, giving you a feeling of control. Besides, the stress of moving home won't affect your mental health.

Most reputable international movers have these checklists available, but, if you would like to create one for yourself, do consider Free Checklists/Notes on Apps that provide options for links and reminder alerts to help you stay on task.

7. Focus on the new and exciting stuff

Changing your mindset is essential to get all the benefits of moving. While you feel sad about leaving your present home, you need to focus on what you are gaining. Think about the new opportunities, contacts, neighbors, friends, routines, and unforgettable experiences you will meet at your new location. Focus on all the pleasant surprises that are yet to come. This is a great way to manage your mental health when moving. As your Singapore mover, who has handled thousands of moving overseas, that relocation would ultimately be worth it.

8. Sleep

The stress of moving home can be very overwhelming. Spending so much time planning, strategizing, packing, and so on will make you cut down on your sleeping time. Besides, anxiety can set in as the moving day draws nigh, making you sleep-deprived. This isn’t good for your mental health. So, whether you are moving alone, or with your family or friends, sleep is essential for each of you. One great way to help yourself sleep better is by writing down everything yet to be done on paper. Then, once it is your sleeping time, put aside all you are doing and go to bed. This will make you fall asleep easier, since you are confident that you won’t forget the things not yet done.

Good sleep keeps your mental health stable, alert, and focused during a move.

9. Listening to music

The stress of moving home can be so cumbersome and draining. But, you can be very productive with good music, why you pack, strategize, unpack, and so on. Music has been proven to help with anxiety. However, there is no recommended music. All you have to do is listen to what can calm you down and make you happy. Music is a fantastic therapy that professionals recommend. So use it to your advantage.

10. Share your emotions

It is not strange for you to have mixed feelings during moving stress. These mixed feelings can put you under serious pressure and even affect your mental health. So, instead of locking all those emotions in, venting is better. Someone willing to listen to you is an excellent way to start. Besides, if you are moving with other people, you should share emotions and encourage one another.

The person or people you share your emotions with might provide assistance to fasten your moving arrangements. This will be helpful for your mental health.

Concluding thoughts

Indeed, the stress of moving home takes work. It is even more complicated when you have lived in your current location for a long time. However, adjusting and adapting to moving change, the new culture, people, and environment is vital. Besides, moving can be exciting if you can learn to cope with the stressful situation. That said, follow the tips outlined in this article to help make the stress of moving home and your mental health more manageable.

*This article is an opinion piece only - Resources in Singapore to help cope with stress: If you need more information/resources to help you cope with stress, you can go to Belle, the Beyond the Label help bot.

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) also provides emotional support for those in crisis.

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Helplines

Daily/24 Hours SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) 1-767

Care Email

accessible via Chatbox function


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