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Where To Donate Clothes in Singapore: The Best Places To Give Your Preloved Items

Updated: Oct 29, 2023


UPDATED 28th October 2023

Donation boxes

What happens when you have to donate clothes in Singapore? As you already know, you don't have to be a Marie Kondo to achieve the perfect tidy and organized space. Decluttering when preparing to move can be challenging. But the right motivation should get you started. Finding places to donate your preloved items in Singapore can be the perfect motivation for you.

Besides, decluttering and then donating your preloved items is such a wonderful thing to do. Because you will also be impacting the lives of some less-privileged people. There are many places to donate clothes and your preloved items. However, your preferences and their set rules and guidelines will matter.

As your dedicated Singapore mover, we’ll share some of the best places to donate clothes in Singapore.

Where to donate clothes in Singapore

Generally, you can donate your clothes and preloved items to thrift stores, homeless shelters, schools, libraries, e-waste recycling centres and animal shelters. Other great options include Facebook groups, marketplaces, craigslist, and local buy/sell/trade groups. We recommend you call, email or check the websites of any place you want to donate your preloved items before going there. This will help you reconfirm their requirements and status. Don’t forget to ensure that your clothes and preloved items are in the best condition. Also, stick strictly to the guidelines and restrictions these organisations put in place. Below is a comprehensive list of places and organisations to donate your preloved items:

1. Pass-It-On

Pass-It-On is a non-profit project that works with Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs) to support people in need. They are a great place to donate clothes in Singapore. You can donate:

  • Infant milk formula

  • Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and television sets

  • Wheelchairs

2. The Salvation Army

Since 1935, the Salvation Army thrift store has been part of the organisation’s comprehensive social services network to support the underprivileged in Singapore.

So, as you prepare for a move, consider donating your preloved items to the Salvation Army. If you have bulky items, you may arrange for a collection/delivery service by booking online at

3. Dignity Mama Stall

Dignity “Mama” Stall are pushcarts that sell pre-loved books. This brand is managed by young adults with special needs and their parents. However, they can only accept three grocery bags/3A4-sized boxes of books from one person. To inquire, please WhatsApp/SMS to 8363 5072 or 9751 5717. Some items you can donate here include:

  • English and Chinese fiction and non-fiction books

  • Magazines like the National Geographic and Readers’ Digest

  • Books on arts and craft

  • Encyclopaedias

4. Tzu Chi

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation has made Tzu Chi Recycling Day every second Sunday of the month. This organisation is also a great place to donate your preloved items. Some items they accept include:

  • Clothes

  • Electrical appliances

  • School bags

  • Aluminum cans and steel tins

  • Shoes

  • CDs

5. New2U Thrift Shop

New2U is a fascinating place to donate clothes in Singapore. You can donate preloved items such as pre-loved clothing, accessories, household items, ornaments, books and more. Due to space constraints, they will only accept donations during Donation Drives. New2U Thrift Shop does not have any drop-off locations. Do keep a lookout on their social media channels for upcoming Donation Drives.

Donation boxes

6. Green Square

Greensquare offers free textile recycling services. This means they sift out good quality recyclables sold to second-hand textile importers in developing countries to help the less fortunate purchase them at a more affordable price. The rest are sold as industrial cleaning cloth. Please visit their website for drop-off details. Some of the items they accept include:

  • Clean clothes and wearable paired shoes

  • Clean household linen like bedsheets and towels

  • Accessories like belts and bags

7. Metta Welfare Association

Metta Welfare Association is also a great organisation providing spots to donate clothes in Singapore. Please visit this link for information on items accepted and drop-off locations. They accept:

  • Wearable and usable clothing for men, women, and children,

  • belts, handbags, and books.

  • Electronics and groceries

8. Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home

Chen Su Lan offers temporary protection and shelter to children aged between 5 and 21. They cater to young people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds and from needy and disadvantaged families. They use donations-in-kind (DIK) to defray the costs of running our Home and to provide for the needs of our children. Some such items include:

  • Groceries

  • Household/Toiletries

  • Medical Items

  • School-going Supplies

  • Mall / NTUC / Popular Vouchers

9. Project Homecoming

Project Homecoming supports recycling unwanted ink and toner cartridges as part of the effort for environmental conservation. If you have used functional ink and toner cartridges, you can make your donations.

10. NEA E-Waste Recycling Programmes

NEA is also a great place to donate your e-waste. Simply drop off your e-waste at the recycling points to properly recycle your e-waste. Trading or donating used goods in working conditions can be performed at these Collection Centres.

11. Blessing of Items for Low-Income Families

This fascinating Facebook group makes it easy to donate clothes in Singapore. All you need do is post the items you no longer need and then arrange pickup with the receiver.

12. Books Beyond Borders

This social enterprise generates funds from the sale of second-hand books in Singapore. They accept books written in English and good condition. Please visit their website for more information on drop-off/collection requirements

13. Junk To Clear

Junktoclear is not like other donation sites. They are, in reality, a waste disposal company. Hence, they will clear away all your preloved items, including the ones in the worst condition. Following the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, they will sort your things and donate to needy families. However, you have to pay a small fee to use their service. Call 6749 2306

14. Hi-Thrift

The HCSA Community Service owns this thrift store. They aim to support ex-offenders, abused teenage girls and single parents with limited support. For items they require, visit their website or call 67453532.

15. Thrift Store @ Yishun

This humanitarian organisation accepts all sorts of preloved items, from shoes to books and toys. When you donate clothes in Singapore to this organisation, you assist their relief work in Cambodia. To make your donations, Call 66941330

16. Sengkang West Youth Network and Package Pals

Sengkang West Youth also accepts donations of poly-mailers, paper envelopes, padded envelopes, and bubble wraps. Their goal is to provide these materials to small businesses for reuse.

17. Green Warehouse

Recycle, reuse, and repurpose your waste by joining Green Warehouse on Facebook. Besides selling your preloved items or donating clothes, you can find any unwanted items for any DIY projects.

18. Fixer Upper Giveaway

Fixer-Upper on Facebook

If you have broken home electronics, tools, or spare parts, visit Fixer Upper Giveaway on Facebook.

19. Society for the Aged Sick

This not-for-profit nursing home accepts food donations in addition to radios, magazines, storybooks, fans and electric kettles.

20. Willing Hearts

Willing Hearts is a volunteer-run charity. The website includes a recommended list of food items you can drop off during their operating hours.

21. PramWash

Singapore’s first professional baby gear cleaning specialist. They collect preloved strollers in Singapore and distribute them to needy families after they’ve cleaned the stroller.

22. Bless for Mummies and Babies

This Facebook group connects mothers in need with people with preloved stuff to spare.

23. Action for Singapore Dogs.

If you have extra dog supplies like food and medication and love to help stray and fostered dogs, why not donate them to this non-profit organisation? Just send an email or call ASD to enquire!

24. Save Our Street Dogs

SoSD is a volunteer group dedicated to advocating for stray dogs. It accepts in-kind donations of dog food and supplies.

25. MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore)

MINDS has several thrift shops, which can serve in two ways. The first is to provide opportunities for people who are disabled. While the second is to give people like you an opportunity to donate your preloved items, such as clothes and other household items.


UNIQLO is also a great place to donate clothes in Singapore. They work with diverse NGOs to distribute wearable clothes to refugees, disaster victims and others in need worldwide. Also, they accept other items that are not wearable. In this case, they have mechanisms to recycle and reuse them.

27. H&M clothes

H&M has a garment collecting program that they founded in 2013. Since then, they’ve provided recycled boxes around Singapore and the rest of the world. You can make your clothes available, and they will help you reduce, recycle, and reuse effectively.

Concluding Thoughts

Now you know the best places to donate clothes in Singapore. Contributing clothes helps you declutter your wardrobe so you don’t have to travel around the world with things you don’t need. From thrift stores to non-profit organisations and Facebook groups, there are numerous places to donate your preloved items in Singapore.

If you want to move, getting an extra reason to declutter, like donating, can be very motivating. The places shown in this post are beautiful places in Singapore to donate your preloved items. However, do remember to donate only items that are in good condition. Numerous organisations put dedicated effort into sorting, cleaning, and repurposing these items for others to use. Washing your clothes before you donate and ensuring they are in usable condition goes a long way in helping these organisations in their noble cause. Ultimately, not only are you improving your mental health through your donations, but you are also creating a significant impact on someone else's life.


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