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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Happy couples preparing to move.

Moving Knowledge, Professional Advice, Attention to Detail, Planning and Execution are pre-requisites in every move. Imagine Experiencing More.

You will, will SIR’s MOVEPREP™.

Moving has many facets.

SIR’s professional experience of over 30 years has taught them that the complexities of moving do not only involve the physical aspects. They have learnt that emotional support and well-being are essential to complete a successful relocation.

Success is often measured by the end result, however their belief is that success is about the little milestones that add up, making a move more than a physical relocation.

Very often the milestones are in the details; the listening ear, a thoughtful act, a patient presence, an understanding voice, valuable advice and pleasant surprises.

MOVEPREP™ was developed with these milestones in mind.

Their team has been known to visit customers with a bouquet of their favourite flowers or coffee/tea, they have hunted for special keys for antique cupboards and have even minded children during moves.

SIR offers MOVEPREP™ for both Individual and Corporate Household Goods Moves irrespective of International or Domestic and this service is complimentary to all SIR customers.

Moving checklist

"The Art of Moving is about Attention, Patience and Details".

SIR MOVEPREP™ is a move system that was designed by Shyla Mathews, Co-Founder and Managing Director to help customers prepare and plan for their moves. More importantly, it introduces the systematic methodology the company applies to all their moves. According to Shyla, “ The art of moving is about attention, patience and details”.

In essence, it will enable the operations team to ensure that moves are seamless and hassle-free as much as possible.

The relocation industry is labour intensive, and is completely reliant on several factors that can sometimes disrupt the flow and process of a move. Once such current example is Covid-19, which has led to many moves being rescheduled due to various versions of government lockdowns, restrictions in manpower allocation and a realistic fear of exposure to the virus.

As such, the SIR Team is constantly planning to ensure contingencies are in place to rectify unforeseen circumstances/situations.

SIR MOVEPREP™ Process for Every Move

SIR MOVEPREP Process for every move

Some Frequently Asked Questions on SIR’s MOVEPREP™

1.What is a MOVEPREP™?

It is a pre-move planning session with the customer and the assigned Move Manager before a move starts and it is usually conducted over the phone or WhatsApp Video Call.

2.What is the purpose of a MOVEPREP™?

This session will address all the details involved in the complete move process, taking into consideration new updates and anything not addressed prior to the session. It may take the form of one or several sessions depending on the complexities of the move. It is complimentary and forms part of your Move Package. The outcome is for customers to feel better prepared prior to the arrival of the moving team.

3.How much time will I need to set aside for this session?

Each session is a minimum of 20 minutes but can last for 30-35 mins.

4.What will be covered during the session?

The following will be covered if applicable:

· Hand-over with landlord

· Access to new premises

· Third Party/Handyman requirements

· Bulky Items and Access Issues, Lift and Stairwell Restrictions and its Implications

· Heavy Items and Its Implications

· Special Handling if Required

· Crating

· Television Packing/Mounting

· Putting Away Valuables

· Keeping all Non-Moving Items Separately

· Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

· Insurance

· Pre-packing Requirements and Materials Request

· Reconfirmation of Volume

· Explaining the days involved in your move and what will happen daily

· Delays and traffic issues on raining mornings/peak period

· Familiarizing with forms to sign on Day 1 and Loading Day

· Labelling Plan

· Confirmation of what is Moving and Not

· Planning the Move Plan for each Day

· Others

5.Will I get a copy of the session?

Yes, the Move Manager will send you an outline for you to reconfirm via email. You will need to reconfirm within 24 hours. Should you not, the Move Manager will proceed with the session notes.

Child and Parent playing during moving


We thank you for taking the time to read through this. At any point, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact SIR.

Rest assured that when moving with SIR, the Moving Team are aware that they are but one of the many pieces of your relocation, and with that in mind, their aim is to make the moving piece a simple and straightforward process for you.

Whether this is your first relocation, or if you've done it several times already, it really not does matter, because the team @ SIR is are always detailed, patient and eager to help with your relocation journey.


Established in Singapore in and Malaysia since 2006, SIR Move Services is a Singapore/British brand and it is a moving company that continues to build a business based on integrity and trust. SIR provides Complete Move Solutions for International, Commercial and Domestic Relocations inclusive of storage and insurance. We move pets too. Moove My Box (MMB) is the newest addition to our suite of services allowing customers to ship small shipments faster. Similar to Air Express Delivery with the addition of packing and collection services. SIR Move is a qualified FIDI/FAIM Quality Mover.

SIR Move Services Pte. Ltd.

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