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International Moving Tips: Decluttering during a Pandemic

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Are you planning on moving? Now is a great time to declutter your belongings and get rid of the items you don't need for your new home. However, most moving and storage companies understand that decluttering during the pandemic is a lot different than before.

Asking readers if they are ready to move.

It's not easy to maintain COVID-19 precautions while you declutter, pack and even work with movers. This means that decluttering and packing during these trying times can become physically and emotionally draining.

Therefore, we want to help you declutter right while staying safe. Here are some tips for purging your home and enjoying a swift transition to your new home.

Why You Need To De-clutter Before You More?

By decluttering BEFORE moving, you can easily pack and unpack your belongings. That way, you don't have to waste time to pack and unpack items you don't need in your new home. It will also help you avoid the unnecessary costs of moving things you don't want. You can even sell those unwanted items to make extra funds or donate to someone genuinely in need of them.

Overall, when you have less clutter and more space in your new home, you can get settled quickly. This is especially important when making an international move as you can quickly focus on starting a new adventure.

Check Local Customs And Baggage Policies

Many countries, have updated their policies to ensure COVID-19 safety compliance. Ensure to check these policies alongside other regulations at your specific destination. That way, you can downsize correctly without bringing on items that may carry higher taxes or are restricted or banned. Working with International Movers will give you guidelines on policies and regulations to ensure that you can pack and move smartly without hiccups.

Start Early

Do not wait until it's almost moving day to decide what to pack or get rid of. We recommend planning at least 8 weeks sor even earlier. International Movers will quote based on volume. When you declutter, you reduce your volume thereby reducing your quotation amount. This is extremely important in light of the current Global Shipping Crisis that has caused freight rates to surge since Oct 2020. Also, create detailed checklists so you know what to do at every stage. These lists should be sectioned by rooms and then functions, so you can focus entirely on getting the task done.

Don't forget to take many breaks. Getting the job done can be more stressful and emotionally draining than usual, so you need to take things easy and one step after another.

Be Strict About Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items

It would help if you also made a checklist of things you don't need before you begin decluttering, so it becomes easier to get the task done. Consider categorising rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, family/living rooms, garage, playrooms, home office, linen closet, etc. Next, consider the following groups of items:

1. Unused items – Any items you haven't used for at least a year have higher chances of never being used again. It's time to admit the truth and move on.

2. Broken items – Perhaps you've meant to fix that item. But as long as you haven't gotten to it yet, you probably won't.

3. Duplicate items – Choose your favourite and get rid of the duplicate item

4. Aspirational stuff – any stuff that comes with wishes that you may use someday may never come to pass. It's time to ditch them.

5. Unloved possessions – Hanging on to items you don't care about, even when they were thoughtful gifts, only increases clutter. Get rid of the guilt and give them to someone who would like them.

Observe Pandemic Procedures Why You Sell, Donate And Trash

Naturally, you can sell, donate or recycle your belongings. If you plan on donating locally, check your local donation sites' website to see their updated guidelines concerning the pandemic. Many such facilities now offer pickup options that will minimize contact. Don't forget to clean and disinfect items you plan to donate. If you don't have a disinfectant, use one tablespoon bleach to one gallon of water.

Taking the extra step to keep everyone who receives them safe is also an act of kindness. This equally applies if you plan to sell your items.

Here is a handy list of place to donate to in Singapore.

Limit Who Helps You

Packing and decluttering is not what it used to be before the pandemic. Now you may have to work with only a small set of people. We are experiencing this in Singapore when the government restricts the number people allowed at packing and moving sites.

Be sure they can keep to all physical distancing guidelines as well. This will also help you restrict number of hands that come in contact with your belongings.

Get A Free Moving Quote

Once you've gone through the decluttering stage, you can contact SIR MOVE for an international moving quote to help you handle the rest. Reputable moving and storage companies can also provide affordable packing and storage solutions to make your move as smooth as possible. When you work with the best movers Singapore, you can focus on what's most important while moving as seamlessly as possible.

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