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Plan PLan Plan

The key to a successful move is planning, planning and planning. When it comes to speciality moving whether it is your family pet or heirloom we recommend that you do your research and understand the cost involved several months before the move. Understanding this and being prepared will enable you to control your move based on your expectations and choosing a mover that can fulfil your requirements.

As Professional International Movers ,SIR recommends that you leave the packing of odd shape items, high valued pieces, art/paintings/mirrors, china and glassware to the moving crew. For every move, our teams will bring with them corrugated card boxes that can be scaled up and down and designed to custom fit any furniture/household item. Bubble wrap, shrink-wrap, special paper and cardboard are also part of the standard protection materials that will be utilised.

We highly recommend that at your pre-move meeting you would have already decided which items should be custom crated. Crating requires time and measurements so be sure to let your Move Manager know as early as possible.

Crating is recommended for Statues, Big Televisions ( when original packaging is not available), Grand Pianos, Special Art/Mirrors and any large odd-shape fragile item of value. Depending on the art, you can utilise one crate for two pieces.

In addition to crating you should consider Insuring the pieces of value. Movers are just one of the pieces involved in international moving, do consider other aspects of handling and logistics and ensure you are adequately covered for any unforeseen circumstances.

My big tip for moving day is to ensure that you have completed all your decluttering/sorting before the movers arrive. This will enable you to have a helicopter perspective in terms of giving instructions and focusing on specific items you may be anxious over.

Our team has packed and protected cars, scooters, boats, concert size pianos, terracotta life size warrior statutes, Life Size Model Ships and more…. We look forward to every challenge.

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