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Moving Madness: 19 Hilarious International Relocation Tips To Make Moving Fun

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

A child covered with a moving box

When you have to deal with many international moving tasks, make moving fun. Adding humour to your laundry list of things to do can ease the stress of that overwhelming burden of sorting, decluttering, packing, and unpacking.

No doubt that moving to a new home is no laughing matter, and of course, you wouldn’t want to joke about it. But a little humor can help you overcome the stress you are dealing with.

As your international moving company, we bring real-life examples and tips to help you make your moving as effortless as possible. Yes, moving to a new country can be daunting. But it's also an adventure filled with unique opportunities for laughter and fun. So, check out these side-splitting tips to help you navigate the world of international relocations and make moving fun.

19 Tips To Make Moving Fun for International Relocations

The Joyful Purge

Embrace your inner Marie Kondo and ask your belongings if they spark joy in another country. Or will it only bring about deadweight charges from your moving company? If not, bid them farewell with a tearful goodbye ceremony. This kind of joyful purge is one of those vital tips for moving home that helps lighten your load and your spirits. That's how you make moving fun!

Weight Loss

Are you overwhelmed with the moving process? Don't be! Think about all that boxing, bending, lifting, and moving are doing to you. Who needs a gym subscription when moving alone can be your workout? With every piece of furniture you move, it feels like a pound dropping off you. This is not just making moving fun; it's a great excuse to skip those Monday Sudoku puzzles your Grandma sends you!

Pet Language Lessons

As part of your tips for moving home, remember to prepare your pets too! Practice your language skills by speaking to your pet in the official language of your new country. It's a fun way of testing your fluency, and maybe your pets will enjoy it (or give you the stink eye for life).

Suitcase Shenanigans

Here's another way to add an element of fun during your move. Pack your suitcase with essentials and bizarre items to confuse airport security. "Oh, that's just my lucky rubber chicken, officer."

The Packing Olympics

Convince yourself that packing is a sport, and time yourself to set new records. Bonus points for creative packing techniques like "The Tetris Method."

Customs Comedy

Make a game out of customs declarations. List "smuggled happiness" as an item and see if you can keep a straight face. This will remind you and the officers of the joy that lies ahead in your new home. For this, prep with your moving company to ensure you're not unwittingly breaking any rules.

Farewell Furniture Fiesta

Host a farewell party for your furniture and appliances, complete with tiny party hats and a "Goodbye, Fridge!" cake. Let them know they're off to a new adventure. Just be sure to clean up before the moving company arrives!

Packing Party

Proclaim you’re throwing a farewell party. Stock up drinks and food, invite friends, and subtly suggest they could help pack your home. You may choose to tell or not tell them if you like. But then, you get to spend more time with them before the move, and who knows, they might speed up the packing process for you.

Packing Puns

If your friends did show up, or you just want to make moving as fun as possible with your family, declare it a pun day. Use and create moving-related puns to communicate. For example, tell your friends helping you pack, “I love moving; it really packs a punch,” or “We’re boxing so much, you’d think we are in a heavyweight championship.”

Language Pun Time

If you don’t want your friends handling your moving and have already contacted your favorite international moving company, Sir Move, you could plan a themed moving party. At this party, everyone plays dress-up, representing a popular or pun-inspired word or phrase from the country you’re moving to.

Bubble Wrap Strays

The classified ads are full of people looking to give away one moving box or the other. You don’t want to be that person looking to get rid of your oversupply for free. So clutch your moving checklist close to your heart and affirm - I won’t have surplus boxes! And, if your moving supplies finish before you’re done, improvise with towels, blankets, and old t-shirts for personal items.

Mysterious Moving Labels

Label your moving boxes with confusing names like "Secret Treasure," "Ancient Artifacts," and "Forbidden Snacks." Watch your movers' faces as they try to decipher your cryptic labels.

Moving Day Soundtrack

Create a "Moving Day Soundtrack" with songs like "I Will Survive" and "Don't Stop Believing'." Dance breaks between packing are mandatory!

Thrift Store Roulette

Before your movers or friends helping you pack arrive, tell each family member to pick an item they consider sentimental and must get rid of. This item they would wear on a moving day. It could be a dated suit, an old voile skirt, or a funky hat - the more ridiculous, the better. Just ensure it’s not an item that would make it difficult to get the packing done. That said, seeing everyone dressed up in their outrageous get-ups will definitely lighten the mood and produce fantastic photos for memory.

Interpretive Moving

Hire a professional interpretive dancer to express your feelings about leaving your old home and starting a new chapter. It's the most artistic way to say goodbye!

The Great Move-abulary Game

Looking for a way to make moving fun? Consider inventing a new vocabulary around moving. Similar to puns, try to create your own words and phrases associated with the moving experience. Instead of saying, “I’m tired,” you could say, “I’m all packed out.” It’s a fun little game that would make your moving more creative and fun.

Extreme Hide And Seek

Challenge your friends to a game of "Extreme Hide and Seek" with your belongings. Leave cryptic clues around your old home to lead them to hidden treasures before you move.

Fictitious Farewell

Create a dramatic scripted farewell of your old home as if you’re in a reality TV series. Don’t forget to add a staged exit interview and some tears. You can also invite your friends and family if you want. That’s how you make moving fun and even create delightful memories to reminisce on in the future.

The Mystery Box Pack

The Mystery Box Pack is a "Mystery Box" that's off-limits to everyone, including yourself. Label it as "Top Secret," and let the intrigue build as you imagine what's inside.

Moving is stressful. But you can make moving fun to ease that stress. A little dose of humour and creativity can also lead to an unforgettable experience.

So, remember to pack your sense of humour and belongings and embrace the adventure of international relocations. Laughter truly is the best international language!

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