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Ship it Smart: Hassle-Free Tips for Small Moves Over Long Distances. 

Small moves over long distances apply when you're relocating but without items that can fill up a shipping container. Whether you're a single professional, globetrotting student, a newly married couple, or have a young family, this scenario often applies to you. Perhaps you've decided to leave your furniture, but the reality is that you're relocating with some of your belongings. 

Picture those cherished books, essential kitchenware, and maybe that pized bike or surfboard. They all deserved to be shipped safely and without costing you a lot of money. How do you ship these items that don't fill up a container? Breathe easy; there are tons of cost-effective solutions for small moves over long distances. 

How do you determine a small move?

Ideally, a small move is a shipment weighing under 2,000 lbs. It may range from moving items you can find in a college dorm to a studio or one-bedroom apartment worth of belongings. Moving only specialty items may also be called a small move. This only happens if you are moving one or two large items. For instance, you're moving an appliance, a pool table, or valuable artwork. 

Considerations for small moves overseas

The conditions of your belongings

Are you moving fragile items? In that case, you should hire a professional to handle everything from the packing to the loading and shipping. No matter how small, delicate items need the extra care and experience. Fortunately, your removal company has affordable plans for moving the smallest loads overseas. 

Moving timeline 

It's a myth that a smaller move can happen more quickly than a bulky one. Unless you are shipping over the air, a small move can still take as much time. So you need to plan carefully to make your move at the best time possible. 

Consider packing yourself

If you don't have any specialty items (fragile or items that need professional handling), then you can pack them yourself. That said, you need to follow strictly the techniques required to pack your belongings. Remember, you are shipping over a long distance. So, you want to make sure they are packed in the most secure format. 

Compare quotes

Be sure to compare quotes across different companies to make the best choice for your situation. Ensure to ask questions. The information ensures you're getting the best value and shipping only the items that can go to your destination. For instance, countries like Australia have strict regulations about what you can ship there. Your moving company can help you navigate the demands of customs to ensure you don't get into trouble or have to pay steep duties for shipping the wrong things.

Bear in mind what affects the cost of small moves over long distances. 

Although the volume of items you are shipping influences the cost, other things can add to or reduce the price. First, are you shipping by air or sea? Generally, ocean shipping is 12 times cheaper

The distance from your country to your destination will also influence the cost of your international move.

Packing and loading needs can also influence the cost. If your movers will go above ground level to pick up your packed items, then it adds to the price. Suppose they are packing on your behalf and have to carry your belongings a long distance from your home to their vehicle. In that case, this further increases your moving costs. Are you shipping fragile or bulky items? They further add to your shipping as well.

Know and communicate your shipping timelines.

Ideally, planning ahead helps you secure the best prices. Even so, before confirming the move date, and placing a deposit with your international moving company, confirm that they can indeed meet your dates. And always ask your global moving company if there are any hidden charges to prepare for. 

Pay attention to customs duties and port charges

Typically, you'll pay customs duties and port charges at your destination. If you picked a door-to-door service, your international moving company would include all of those fees. Port charges may cost between $250 to $500. It also depends on the move, country, and commodities. 

Shipping solutions for small moves over long distances

1. Groupage: Share the space, save the cost.

One option is to ask the International Moving Company to give you a moving quote for Groupage and LCL (Less Than a Container Load). This means your belongings will share a spacious container with other traveler's treasures.

That said, here are some essential things you need to know beforehand:

Groupage implies that you share the container with others, but because you have to wait for it to be filled up, sometimes this can take several months before the moving company can ship it. If you are pressed for time and need your essentials to arrive at a specific time, this may not be a good option. However, if you plan, the groupage option is very budget-friendly. Since moving can be seasonal, consider sending groupage shipments to Australia, for example, during November – February when there is a steady flow of containers sent by the removalist.

2. LCL: When speed matters (and sharing isn't your thing)

If time is a constraint, you can look into LCL shipments where the volume is calculated based on what you have, and it can be shipped at your convenience. Sometimes, LCL shipments can be more expensive due to minimum requirements. So, plan and consider reducing your volume with your preferred mover. LCL is ideal for time-sensitive moves or when moving larger or fragile items. It's also a great choice if you need the privacy of solo shipping without paying for a container.

3. Make small moves over long distances with MMB.

Another viable option for your small shipment is Air Express, and it can arrive quickly if your move is last minute or if you need your belongings urgently. Check with your preferred provider on what options they have.

While traditional air express companies are limited by weight, with SIR Move's MMB service, you can send bulkier items. SIR Move also goes one step further by providing Professional Packers and Movers in Singapore and materials. All you need to do is book your MMB service when your items are ready, and our team will pack and collect the items for air express delivery. Unless there are unforeseen delays, your shipment will arrive within 3-5 working days. Your moving has been made easy.

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