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Moving Overseas Like a Professional : 30 Days Before Moving Day

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Moving checklist

Moving overseas from Singapore requires planning everything into milestones. Here’s a helpful list of what you should do step by step.

As one of the best house moving services in Singapore, we want to help you avoid thinking of endless lists of things to do.

When everything is arranged into steps, you can spring into action and start achieving them wholeheartedly. That said, check this article first about the most important things you cannot overlook or underestimate about your move abroad. Hence, we put together a step-by-step guide on the different aspects of your moving overseas from Singapore or any other country to help you get started right. Still looking for where to donate clothes, check out places to donate in Singapore.

5 - 6 weeks before moving overseas

Decide on a timeline:

If you’re moving your family and loved ones overseas, you need to plan correctly on when you can move. Look at your budget and schedules so you can categorize everything you need to do into milestones. For instance, perhaps

Check that your passports and visa are valid:

Check what you require in terms of passports, visas, and permits for your relocation overseas. Would you also need to get them first before you go?

Get your finances in order:

Start saving if you haven’t already. Put all those extra funds aside for that international move. You also have to begin completing all outstanding credit agreements.

Review tax obligations:

Consider what kind of tax obligations you may owe the country you presently live in, your country of origin, and your destination country. You may need to consult a Tax or accounting professional to explore all your options.

Research your destination:

Think of housing, healthcare, insurance, and more. If you have kids, you also need to research about their education. Don’t forget to read up on the culture and lifestyle to expect there as well.

Start getting your documents:

Get copies of your original documents, including your passport and medical records.

Set up an in-home survey with your mover:

Reputable international moving companies will review your home and go through the moving process to help you get the big picture. They may even help spot items that should be moved around your home.

4 Weeks: Preparing for the move abroad

Sell, trash, or donate:

After creating your moving overseas checklist, the next stage is to purge your home clean. Get rid of items that may have sentimental value but are not practical and needed in your new home. We recommend doing this room after room. Whatever you separate from your other properties, sell, or donate, or trash them. Places to Donate in Singapore

Create a folder of moving items:

You will take pictures of every box you pack, receipts, and records related to your move. We recommend storing that on online storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Cancel your subscriptions and inappropriate insurance policies:

Scrutinize your current subscriptions, including cable, clubs, magazines, and any other services. You want to cancel all of them to avoid being charged for the upcoming month of service when you won’t be there.

Stop mail:

Schedule a date to stop receiving mail and deliveries and file for a change of address. You may also need a mail forwarding or virtual mailbox service to reroute your mail.

Open a bank account:

Depending on where you're moving, you may need to open a new bank account. Sometimes, you can modify it to continue with your existing bank account if it has a branch in the new country. Just inform and get all routing and bank account information to avoid delays with your money when you move overseas.

Have your medical appointments:

Make appointments to see your medical doctor, therapists, and eye doctors. If you are on any medications, you will need prescriptions for a month's worth. And it’s also a good time to get the generic names of those medications. Also, remember to get the original documents of your medical history transferred and copies.

Get your moving quotes:

You must assess international moving quotes to help you commit to the right company. Ensure to research their reputation online and receive an in-house estimate if you own a larger home. Don’t forget to check their licensing to understand the rules and regulations they follow in the industry. Also, read all documents and contracts before you sign them.

Moving yourself:

If you decide to move independently, now is the time to rent a truck service or ask for a large vehicle from your friends and family. Do note that renting can save you money, but if you want your belongings protected, hire a professional moving company.

Consider storage:

As one of the best international movers in Singapore, we sometimes have occasions where our customers require temporary or permanent storage for their belongings.

Cancel all rental agreements:

If you’re renting your home, now is the time to cancel your contract and inform your landlord about your move.

Moving day needs:

If you are moving into an apartment, you need to find out if there are any requirements on your moving day.

2 – 3 Weeks Before Moving Day

Start Packing if you are doing it by yourself or choose to pre-pack some items before the movers arrive. If you decide to move with SIR Move, you will have complimentary access to MOVEPREP - THE ART OF MOVING.

Packing your entire home should take about 3 weeks to complete. The best way to do this is to schedule a few hours every day and use your checklist to track your progress.

Gather packing materials:

Get your packing supplies online or from any other outlet nearest to you. These materials range from multiple-sized boxes to packing cubes.

Pack non-essential items first:

There’s no need to pack up and unpack again. Begin with rooms you don’t use, such as the storage rooms, garage, and closets. Pack your kitchen last.

Start creating your non-essentials bag: it should hold financial, birth certificates, passports, legal, and medical documents in one place right now.

Label boxes:

Include a clear description of items within each box and the location they should be sent to in the new home. That way, your professional movers will have your items paced in their correct rooms when you arrive at the new house.

Pack by room:

This helps you avoid confusion and makes it even easier to label boxes correctly. Check our international moving abroad packing checklist for more details about what you should pack.

Contact your utility provider:

This includes your cable, electricity, and internet providers. You need to schedule appointments for turning off your current home and installations in the new one.

Notify other important organizations:

Besides your utilities, you may also have to notify other people and organizations, including the postal service, your bank, the embassy, tax agencies, insurance providers, realtors, landlords, friends, and family.

Fragile items:

Be sure to wrap and protect your fragile items with packing paper and dish-pack boxes. Also, mark moving boxes that are fragile with alarming colors so your movers can proceed with caution. Don’t also forget to pack your boxes per the weight of your items. Lighter items should go into larger boxes, and heavier items into smaller ones.

Handle the move of your valuables:

It’s essential to pack and move your valuables and personal items. This is to ensure that such items reach your new home safely.

Create an inventory sheet of your valuables:

Make an inventory sheet of your valuables before they are loaded into the moving truck. You can also attach photos of the contents of every box as visual evidence if you ever need to claim a lost item.

Pet moving:

If you have pets, start finding a pet moving company alongside pet boarding facilities.

1 Week: Refining your moving overseas

Pack the kitchen:

Ensure to start with the least used items in the kitchen. However, the key to packing your kitchen is maintaining organization and using the correct supplies to keep your glassware and dishes from breaking.

Unplug & Empty:

Unplug your freezer, fridge, grills, lawnmowers, and snowblowers, and empty them. You must consume all wet food as it can get spoiled in the moving truck. Also, ensure that your refrigerators are as dry as possible.

Pack bedding and clothes:

You can move dressers with clothes in them if your dresser is sturdy and packed.

Visit your vet: take your pets to the vet for any required immunizations, including booster shots. Also, have your pets checked and ready to safely travel across countries.

Set up bank transfers: contact your bank to set up account transfers correctly.

Pack your on-the-go bag:

This bag should contain everything you need, including daily medications, valuables, toys or games to keep the kids comfortable on the flight, and an extra pair of clothes for everyone.

Notify your friends and family:

Share your new address with your friends and families.

Clean your current home:

Once you are done packing, you need to clean up your home. You shouldn’t only clean but disinfect using EPA-registered products.

Withdraw cash:

Now’s the time to get cash or purchase traveler’s checks. That way, you can access money quickly.

Confirm your flight:

Review your departure dates and luggage restrictions.

Confirm with your international movers:

Contact your moving company to review the appointment time and date to ensure understanding. Review every detail to make sure you are not overlooking anything.


Finally, take the time to celebrate your move with your loved ones. You deserve it!

No matter how careful and organized you are before the move, it is easy to overlook a few things here and there. Therefore, once your movers have gone, check each room for anything you may have left behind. Be sure to check hiding spots such as medicine cabinets, dishwashers, attic, and the drawer beneath the oven. You will also need to clean and disinfect when you get to your new place. We recommend walking around your new building to get to know every aspect, especially critical areas like your gas and water connections. Finally, we’ve outlined the most essential things you must do 30 days before moving day. Although there are other more minor activities in between, this list will help you maintain focus and move comfortably.

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