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Turning 13

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

A birthday cake
SIR turns 13!

It has been 13 years since owners Charlie Scott and Shyla Mathews first started SIR MOVE from the desks of individual homes.

From such humble beginnings, the duo has grown their moving company to be an international contender, having strong roots in their home town of Singapore.

While Charlie hails from Aberdeen Scotland, he is a permanent resident in our sunny island and has been living here for most of his adult life and he calls Singapore his home.

Local resident Shyla Mathews while her ethnic roots are from several countries was born and raised here.

Both owners have maintained their simple lives over the years as they focus on the needs of their customers and partners. As Charlie puts it, " Moving is not difficult, but it can be an emotional process for our customers. We are in their private homes packing up their prized and personal possessions. Sometimes our customers don't choose to move and other times very personal reasons are behind the decision. Our job is to listen, be patient, and help them navigate through the process".

Before starting SIR Move, Charlie was working with some of the big international movers in a senior role. When he started SIR MOVE, he knew exactly what he wanted to do differently. As the company grew over the years and extended their presence to across the causeway to Kuala Lumpur, the owners have been very mindful of their original objective….The Customer.

Therefore no matter how busy either of them are, they are always assessable to every customer. Their escalation procedures ensures proactive responses without having to go through the gamut of middle management.

“ We like being a boutique mover, it allows us to focus on quality and not quantity. Sometimes we don’t get it right because we cannot control the whole process. There are many variables to consider. When that happens once again the focus is the customer and we have an amazing support team that will literally hold your hand until the situation is resolved”, according to Shyla Mathews.

While growing and keeping to their beliefs, they have along the way won several business awards and their company is part of the FIDI/FAIM seal of quality for international movers.

They are involved in various charity projects which they manage under SMAD – SIR MAKES A DIFFERENCE and have even published a Children’s Book to raise funds for organisations they support.

If 13 years is compared to that of a growing child, then SIR MOVE just officially became a teenager. Which means, the next few years are going to get a lot more interesting for this “wee” international moving company!

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