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Insights from The Great Scott as he heads to his 30th IAM Annual Meeting & Expo

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

In a few days, SIR MOVE will be attending the biggest and most popular global moving convention, The International Association of Movers (IAM ) for the 13th year. Held in a different American City every year, the 2019 Annual IAM Convention will be held in Chicago Illinois.

For Charlie Scott, Co-Founder of SIR Move Services and THE SIR Group, this would actually be his 30th representation.

Charlie joined the industry with Four Winds in 1985. Prior to that he was in the Oil and Gas Industry serving in an expatriate position in Singapore. Originally from Aberdeen Scotland with a left foot that has given him headlines such as the Blond Dynamo, Charlie’s call to fame was Scottish Division 2 side for Forfar Athletic and in Singapore for Farrer Park Dynamos, Tampines Rovers and Jurong Town FC.

He was ready to return to Aberdeen when the Oil Industry took a hit in 1985 but since he was playing football with the Four Winds Football team, he was offered a job in the moving industry.

As Charlie puts it, “I was either going to be cold for the rest of my life or stay nice and warm all the time. It was an easy decision to stay”.

Fast forward to 2019 and Charlie has been in the International Moving industry for an impressive 33 years and still going strong.

I asked Charlie what has been keeping him in the industry and he simply said, “the people”. That would make sense knowing Charlie, he is always drawn to meeting new people and retaining connections and friendships. His philosophy to moving has always been providing assistance, answers and solutions.

As he is about to leave for another IAM Convention we discussed the changes he has witnessed over the last 30 years. He spoke at length about how a traditional industry now has a lot more women involved, the increasing professional standards, the introduction and usage of technology in a highly labour intensive business and new practices that are constantly being introduced.

Attending large-scale conferences are not easy considering you only have a short amount of time to meet the right people in a huge convention centre. I asked Charlie if he had any insights to share. Yes, he said, “Smile, the Scottish accent helps, be genuine and focus on your objectives”.

As Charlie makes another annual trip to America, to another city where he will be reacquainting himself with partners and associates all of whom are now old friends he is reminded of his first convention, the youthful idealism, the eagerness and the late nights at the convention bar.

Charlie Scott of SirMove

SIR Move Services will be at Booth 1039 at the Hyatt Regency, Chicago, Illinois from October 3rd-6th 2019. Do come by our booth to catch up with Charlie, if not, you just might find him at the bar with a pint in his hand.

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