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The Best Affordable Places to Live in Chicago for Families

A Picture Showing Chicago, Illinois, one of The Best Affordable places to live in
Source: Pixabay

Did you know that Chicago has an amazing Aquarium where you can explore the underwater world with your kids? With its vibrant culture, and countless family attractions, the Windy City is an ideal destination for families. But what makes Chicago truly special is its various neighborhoods with a unique community and culture.

As a family looking to relocate to Chicago, finding the best affordable places to live is important. In this article, you'll be guided through the best affordable places to live in Chicago. With our list, you're sure to find the best spot to create the best memories with your family.

Welcome To Chicago, Illinois

Chicago was nicknamed “Windy City” in 1893 by Charles Dana. The city isn't called Windy City because it's actually windy— it's just a name. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. According to recent consensus Data, Chicago has a population of 2,638,159 people. Despite the decline the city has noticed for nine years, it still is one of those places people love to stay in the US.

Chicago is a multicultural city. There you'll find people from different countries blending together. So, you don't need to worry about not fitting in once you relocate with your family to Chicago. The city clearly showcases American values such as hard work and community.

Aside from being called the “Windy City,” it is also called “A City In A Garden.” Unlike the first nickname, this particular nickname is actually not just a name. Almost everywhere you go in Chicago has a green park, garden, and some special residents for people like you and then tourists.

The most popular ones are Millennium Park and Grant Park, which you and your entire family will love. These parks and gardens in Chicago are usually connected to museums, art galleries, and countless restaurants and bars. Even if you move a little bit further you will still get to enjoy them anytime you want

Also, it has 77 neighborhoods with different age groups and lifestyles. However, no matter the city you choose to settle in, you can be well assured that you'll make fun memories. Furthermore, Chicago has various major universities including Loyola University Chicago, University of Illinois Chicago, and the University of Chicago. It also has public schools that ensure everyone can access it.

The Best Affordable Places to Live in Chicago

In this section, you'll get to know the cheapest places to stay in Chicago:

1. Mount Greenwood- Cheap Safe Place to Live in Chicago

Mount Greenwood is home to the popular private Roman Catholic university— Saint Xavier University. It also has various Catholic schools and churches that are easily accessible to families. According to recent consensus, Mount Greenwood has 22,833 residents. 

The city also has a 68% crime rate which is below Chicago’s average. For families looking to relocate to Chicago, the basic rent you can pay for a house within the area is $1,529. Just from the price you’ll have to pay to rent a house, you can agree that Mount Greenwood is one of the best affordable places to live in Chicago.

Aside from its affordability in price, another thing that makes the city the best place to live is that it has its own park— Mount Greenwood Park. After relocating into the neighborhood, you don’t need to travel miles away for fun.

Mount Greenwood Park is quite popular amongst families and couples. Another thing that makes Mount Greenwood an outstanding place to live in Chicago is its large population of Chicago firefighters, Chicago police officers, and union workers.

2. Uptown- Best Affordable Places To Live in Chicago Northside

A picture of Lake Michigan in Uptown— an affordable place to live in Chicago
Source: Pixabay

After Mount Greenwood, another cheapest place to live in Chicago is Uptown. Uptown is known for offering access to the famous Lake Michigan and Lincoln. Thanks to its Red and Purple lines, commuting to the North Side has been made easy. 

If you're a family looking to rent an affordable apartment close to the lakefront, then Uptown is your top choice. It's easy to find condos with a median price of $294,000. Uptown is well known for having famous Michelin-star restaurants and museums where families can visit to have some fun.

Aside from Uptown's famous restaurants, you also get to see Montrose Beach. The beach has a dog park and the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club. Additionally, Uptown Chicago is popular for its nightlife, theatre and entertainment. Uptown Chicago is also a home to over 155 public schools.

3. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is definitely an affordable place to live in Chicago. Your kids would really love staying here. This is because the zoo, museum and nature boardwalk in this neighborhood is just a stone's throw away. The amazing thing is that you can access the zoo for free. Lincoln Park has over 30,000 residents and it has well-structured skyscrapers belonging to various corporations.

This neighborhood is home to the second-largest central business district in the U.S. To get a studio apartment in Lincoln Park, you'd have to have a budget of $2000. Additionally, the public schools available in Lincoln Park are above average. So, you don't have to worry if your kids will get the best education if they go to school there.

4. Mount Prospect

This is a village in Elk Grove and it is four miles away from Des Plaines. Mount Prospect is a cheap safe place to live in Chicago. With about 55,541 residents, the village still has a way of attracting families and young professionals. Mount Prospect is filled with wonderful places where you and your family can create wonderful memories together.

Recently, Mount Prospect was renovated. It has a central hub known as the “Village Green,'' where neighboring communities can come together and enjoy the newly renovated building facades and flower displays. Additionally, Mount Prospect had approximately 40 acres of retail shops, restaurants and parks.

5. Des Plaines

Des Plaines is the best place to stay in Chicago on a budget. It is cherished and loved by various locals. In recent times, families have begun living in the neighborhood and this is because of the job opportunities it has. Des Plaines has various headquarters that are willing to hire individuals willing to stay and provide services from the neighborhood.

Due to the requirements of having to stay within the community before you're employed have caused people to build different houses, and buildings for sale. Another interesting thing about Des Plaines is the fact that it is close to the north of O'Hare International Airport. If you're relocating from Singapore down here, you don't need to worry. You might not have to look for where to work when you get there.

This is because there's a possibility that the company you're currently working for has an opportunity within the area. When it comes to moving to this location, you don't have to worry thanks to SIRMOVE services. Aside from the job opportunities Des Plaines offers, one thing you are sure to get from moving here with your family is lower expenses for health related issues. Health cost in the neighborhood is rated 88/100.

6. Rogers Park

A picture of Loyola University, Rogers Park
Source: Wikidata

With over 55,000 residents and a home rent of $1,318, Rogers Park is high on the list of best affordable places to live in Chicago. The cost of rent the neighborhood offers is $900 below Chicago's rent. Also, its median home price is $120k lower than that of the city. Another reason why Rogers Park is high on the list of best safe places to stay in Chicago with kids is that it is a diverse neighborhood.

Rogers Park is one of those places that are close to Lake Michigan and some other wonderful beaches in Chicago. Some of the beaches you can use for family-fun days on the shore and morning runs are Loyola beach and Tobey Prinz beach park. Rogers Park has different types of apartments such as three-flats, single-family houses, etc. Loyola University is also in this neighborhood.

One sad thing about Roger Park is that its crime rate is lower than average for the city. However, it's 30% above the US average. That means if you're looking to stay here, you'd have to be security conscious.

7. Albany Park

Albany is located on the Northwest side of Chicago. It is a multicultural environment known for its affordable living. Albany Park has about 50,000 residents who love the neighborhood for various reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that the neighborhood has various housing options. You can get a condo in this neighborhood for $1, 950.

In Albany Park, it is very possible to find various rental units, one bedroom apartments for really low prices. Albany Park is also well known for its multicultural dining place, various festivals and transportation options which are quite convenient. When you're looking for an affordable place to live in Chicago when making plans to relocate, ensure to check out Albany Park.

8. Pilsen

Pilsen is another cheap place to live in Chicago. The neighborhood has various affordable apartments, and historic buildings. Pilsen has close to 34,000 residents. Despite the number of people available in the area, the community knows how to make the neighborhood fun. Pilsen is known for having a Mexican heritage and outstanding street art.

Other beautiful things you and your family would love about Pilsen is its cultural scene, various dining options, and its unique shopping centre. As a family, you can get a home for an average of $361k in Albany Park. One thing you need to be careful about is your safety when walking on the streets. Some cars are known for speed driving while on the streets.

9. Beverly Hills, Chicago- 72nd Best Affordable Places to live in Chicago

Beverly is at the far Southwest side of Chicago. It is home to 20,000 residents and its crime rate is 56% below the city's average. This means you can consider Beverly as a safe neighborhood to live in Chicago. Furthermore, the median home price for the city is $337,000 and the rent is $1,529.

Beverly is sure to be a good place to stay with your family. All thanks to its spacious houses and the large yards they have. Although Beverly might be a small town, people who own houses in the area are 76% higher than the city. Majority of people who own these houses are families.

This small but unique neighborhood is known for having magnificent architecture and Queen Anne homes. Beverly home has various public transit with five stops on the Beverly Branch of the Rock Island District Line. Additionally, Beverly is well known for its Irish heritage.

What Salary Do You Need To Live Comfortably in Chicago?

To be able to live comfortably in Chicago, you'll need to earn an hourly wage of $47.38 and a salary of $98,550. If you're two working adults with at least two children, you'll need to earn a total salary of $241,280. This salary range makes it easy for you and your family not to live paycheck to paycheck.

Where's The Best Cheapest Place To Live In Chicago Without A Car?

Uptown is the best cheapest place to live in Chicago without a car. This is because the neighborhood has various housing options for commuters who make use of public transport in the city. Uptown transport includes the Asian cultural hub near the Argyle stop on the Red Line.

Tips for Finding the Best Affordable Housing in Chicago

Here are some tips for finding affordable housing in Chicago:

  • Define your budget

  • Explore neighborhoods

  • Use online resources

  • Look for houses that offer incentives

  • Don't rely solely on online listings

  • Work with a realtor

Move Your Family To Chicago With SIRMOVES Services

Chicago is a vibrant and diverse city that offers many affordable neighborhoods for families to call home. From Mount Greenwood to Pilsen, each neighborhood has its unique character, cultural attractions, and amenities. All these make the city an excellent choice for families.

When choosing the best affordable place to stay in Chicago, consider factors like school, commute time, and safety. If you're planning to relocate from Singapore to Chicago, you can make use of SIRMOVE services.

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