Award Winning, Well Established, Top Performing International Moving Company  

The purpose of THE SIR GROUP is to Help People Everywhere. In order to do this, the team is always empathetic, proactive and patient in your Moving Story, New Opportunity and Adventure.

With decades of experience and worldwide quality accreditation our mission is to connect professionals, families and companies to new memories through complete and comprehensive innovative global moving solutions

SIR Move Services Singapore was established in 2006 under the guidance and leadership of Charlie Scott a British PR and Shyla Mathews a Singaporean. From very humble beginnings the duo steered the company towards a single direction, “the delivery of service consistently at every level”. Charlie brought to SIR decades of industry experience and for Shyla, business, marketing and communications.

Today SIR Singapore is one of the more reputable and established International Movers with numerous business awards to their name combined with the FIDI/FAIM Top Performer 2019 seal recognized only by the best in the industry for operational excellence. The SIR Group added SIR Malaysia to her group of companies in 2016 and the satellite office has been flourishing ever since. Recently, MMB, SMAD and RISE has been added and exciting news and events are in the horizon.

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Our Global Move Management Team will plan and coordinate moves to just about everywhere in the world.

With MMB you can move as little as 1 box to anywhere and have it arrive in 3-5 days.

Need a professional door to door local move? International Moving Standards applied to all our domestic moves.

From Move Migration to Internal Re-stack, our Commercial Move Managers have handled Office and Building moves involving 10 to 10000 employees.


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international commercial moving services

International Movers Singapore 

Our Services include Domestic (local move within Singapore), International Moving, Moving to Australia from Singapore, Moving to UK from Singapore, Moving to Europe from Singapore, Moving to Singapore, Office Movers Singapore and Air Shipment Singapore. Our objective is to provide you with the best moving options at competitive rates. At all times,  you can be rest assured that with the  FIDI/FAIM Seal of Quality,  SIR MOVE is definitely one of the more Professional Relocation Providers  in Singapore.

Relocation Services Malaysia

Owners Charlie Scott and Shyla Mathews opened their second SIR Move in Malaysia. Based in Kuala Lumpur, SIR Malaysia supports movements not just in KL but to other popular destination such as Penang and Johor Bahru. Managed by a Global Move Management Team, you can be assured of excellent support service with a moving team of experienced and professional movers and packers.

Global Accreditation for Quality Control

SIR is one of the more established movers in Singapore that has a FIDI/Quality control recognition. This means that we have been audited several times and our standard operating procedures have been evaluated over and over again. We believe in the provision of consistent service levels throughout the whole organisation.

Trusted Partner Network

It is not about having more but the best. With over 12 years in Singapore and with owners who have been in the business for more then 40 years, we only work with partners we have met and whom we can pick up the phone when things are not going to plan. Yes, that can happen. This is the logistics industry. However when you have owners that know other owners and have a strong business relationship of shared business principles and ethics, that can make a big difference and go along way.

Professional Move Management Support

Our skilled and experienced Move Managers will plan and coordinate your moves from start to finish. Our combined 40 years of experience places all our coordinators and management team in the best place possible to assist you with your next relocation. Our weekly Quality Meetings combined with our procedures for escalation provides for direct and immediate response.

Trained Teams & International Packing Standards

SIR Move Services offers a variety of specialist packing services and our team of professionals are trained to customise packing materials to ensure the highest protection standards. 


We offer complimentary MOVEPREP services to all our customers. This is an in-house programme designed to preempt and plan for all your moving requirements.


  • International Door to Door

  • Domestic Moving

  • Corporate/Commercial Relocations

  • Storage

  • Transit Insurance

  • Pet Moving

Have Questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.


Get Started Now 

Planning for your next move? Look no further. Start your moving journey now by contacting SIR Move Services in Singapore on +65 6534 7345 to discuss your moving plans or SIR Move Malaysia on +603 2727 1882


What is the best international moving company?

The best international Moving Company in Singapore will be 1) Established 2) Reputable 3) Strong Global Network 4) A FIDI/FAIM Company ( Quality Control and Accreditation ). Read about SIR’s FIDI Quality Accreditation here

How much does international moving cost?

International Moving Companies quotations are based on the volume of goods that need to be moved. Once there is an estimated volume, they will factor in the Origin and Destination Costs and the mode of shipping. Get your quote here.

How much do movers cost in Singapore?

A Moving Company in Singapore will charge based on the volume (cbm) of goods that need to be moved locally or internationally. Get a quote here.

How much does a moving company usually cost?

The cost for a moving company in Singapore will depend on the volume of goods that needs to be moved. Get a quote here.

How much should I pay a mover per hour?

Relocation Companies  in Singapore don’t normally charge hourly rates. The rates are based on volume and scope of the move. Get your quote here.

Is it cheaper to hire a moving company?

International Movers in Singapore offer professional packing standards and materials, quality and access to Insurance, Storage and Pet Moving. Read more here.

What is the average price to hire movers?

There are no real average prices for Relocation Services in Singapore. It will depend on your requirements, destinations and additional services you may require. Get your quote here.

How much does a full service mover cost?

Best Movers in Singapore will offer a full service from survey, packing, moving, shipping, Insurance, storage and unpacking. The cost will depend on the volume of the shipment. Get your quote here.

How much do relocation companies charge?

Relocation Companies in Singapore  charge based on the scope of work and volume of the shipment. Get your quote here.

What relocation means?

Relocation Services in Singapore means to move from one country to another. Read more here.

What does a relocation company do?

Relocation Companies in Singapore provide door to door full moving services. Read more here.

How much does it cost to hire a moving company to move you across country?

International Movers in Singapore will provide a quotation based on the volume that needs to be moved. They can obtain this volume by providing a physical or virtual survey. Schedule a survey here.

How do I choose an international moving company?

The best way to choose the best International companies in Singapore  would be to compare their quotations based on the service required, check online reviews and ensure they have a quality affiliation like FIDI/FAIM. Read about SIR’s FIDI Quality Accreditation here







SIR Customer Reviews




We are hiring a Move Coordinator. If you would like to join our team please read more.



Read this Article written by SIR Move to help you understand what is happening and what you can do about it.


Supply Chain Issues and Their Impact on The International Moving Industry & Its Customers.

Read this White Paper written by the International Association of Movers (IAM). Valuable Insights into current supply chain issues affecting your moves.

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In the business of Respect. Feature piece in FIDI FOCUS.

Read about SIR and Co-Founder Shyla Mathews featured in FIDI FOCUS. FIDI is the barometer of Quality Control for all global movers.

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Office Hours for Festive Period

We will be closed on 24th, 25th, 30th and 31st December for End of Year Holidays.



Do you have questions about moving your Pet back home or to a new country? Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

England's Lockdown and How it Affects Moving


With England going into another lock-down, you might have concerns if you can move locally or internationally within the next 4 weeks. Here are some answers to your questions.



Read our latest version of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Questions on Moving, Insurance, Quality Control, and much more.



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Read this if you are planning a shipment to UK AND AUSTRALIA ( SYDNEY)


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If you are new to Singapore and looking to make new connections please join AWA for their next coffee morning. RSVP here.


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New Employment Opportunities @ SIR. Join The SIR GROUP today.

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When moving abroad, most International Moving Companies Singapore will provide moving insurance. However, here are questions we believe you might want answered.

E-Team Member of Expatland

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If you are moving abroad or recently arrived to our city, we are able to introduce you to reputable service providers that will help you move or settle in. this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Health Matters: Staying Healthy During an International Move

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The stress from an international move can take its toll on your health if not handled carefully. Staying healthy doesn't just mean being in good shape physically; it also means staying in the best form of health mentally. Check out our Health Guide

Hot Questions Answered on Relocating to Australia

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The experts at Sir Move Services have been asked hundreds of questions about relocating to Australia. They share the eight most frequently asked questions about moving down under for a new job.


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Moving Knowledge, Professional Advice, Attention to Detail, Planning and Execution are pre-requisites in every move. Imagine Experiencing More. You will, will SIR’s MOVEPREP™.

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Expat Living Reader explains why he moved with SIR Move

Places to Donate Pre-Loved Items

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Moving Soon? Have you been decluttering? Here is a list to donate your preloved items.


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With stricter measures announced by the Singapore government to take effect on 7th April 2020, we would like to assure customers, partners and agents that it is business as usual for SIR Move Singapore as we are deemed as an essential service. Our crews will continue to practice enhanced social distancing and ensure precautionary measures are in place.  For more information on our COVID-19 measures 

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Need a Pre-Move Survey? Concerned about Social Distancing? Consider Our Virtual Survey Options.

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COVID 19 Measures

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"When you are planning an international move, we would recommend that you choose FIDI qualified international moving companies as they all work towards the same controlled quality standards ".

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In a few days, SIR MOVE will be attending the biggest and most popular global moving convention, The International Association of Movers (IAM ) for the 13th year. Held in a different American City every year, the 2019 Annual IAM Convention will be held in Chicago Illinois.


For Charlie Scott, Co-Founder of SIR Move Services and THE SIR Group, this would actually be his 30th representation.

Back to Cambodia… Revisiting Familiar People, Places and Making New Memories

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After a short hiatus SIR Make a Difference (SMAD) has returned to Phnom Penh Cambodia. Our very first visit was in 2009 when we inaugurated our Annual Donation Drive with our first container reaching Sunrise Cambodia where I had the opportunity to meet with the enigmatic Geraldine Cox who got me hooked on returning and making more of a difference.

SIR @ International Moving Conference in Chicago 2019

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SIR will be attending the IAM 2019 for the 13th time. This annual meeting is for movers all the around the world to connect, share and improve the industry's best practices and standards. SIR will be represented by Charlie Scott and James Charley.


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Charlie Scott Wins PAY IT FORWARD AWARD. This award is given to a business that has "done the most to benefit a worthy cause or causes through its pro bono services, community outreach, charitable contributions and/or other good works". For more information please read


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This April we celebrate 13 Years in SINGAPORE! We are loving the journey and the positive changes it brings. Over the years we have met so many amazing people and have had many opportunities to work and interact with them. We are proud of our team and how far they have come and we welcome our new additions. To all our partners we thank you for your support!

Our Best,

Charlie Scott & Shyla Mathews

The Moving Company Has MOVED!

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After 10 years in Changi Business Park we have decided to pack up and move a little closer to downtown Singapore, away from Industrial like areas and towards culture rich areas with varied interests. Our main office is now in a lovely conservation shophouse in Joo Chiat Place while our storage and warehousing has moved to Joo Chiat.

If you are ever in the area please pop by and we can take you to some of our favourite spots in this fascinating part of Singapore.

Moving Company SIR Move Launches International Courier Box Service called Moove My Box

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Move small shipments faster with Moove My Box (MMB).  MMB is an Moving Companies and international courier service for anyone who needs to send one or more boxes to just about anywhere. MMB can offer partners and customers full packing and protection services, door-to-door assistance from collection to delivery at competitive rates.

2017 Annual Charity Drive Kicks of 1st October 2017

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Let me introduce SMAD! It stands for SIR MAKE a DIFFERENCE. After 6 successful charity projects for orphanages in Cambodia and Sri Lanka, other various community projects in Singapore for children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism and the launch of our Children's Charity Book, My First 7 Days in Singapore, we now have a dedicated Facebook Page to helpe organise all our efforts. This is the beginning of more projects to come. Follow us if you wish to support, partner or get more involved.

International Moving Company, SIR Singapore Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore

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British PR Charlie Scott and Singaporean Shyla Mathews are celebrating 10 years of providing quality international moving services in Singapore . The Relocation Companies Singapore & Malaysian Movers have come a long way from their humble beginnings of a two-man start up in 2006. Today, Sir Move is a leader in the relocation services, Moving and Storage Companies in Singapore with the provision of Complete Move Solutions and has expanded across the causeway with an established office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Hear what their Happy Customers have to say.

We Have an Office in Malaysia

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SIR Move is now an international mover in Malaysia with an office in Kuala Lumpur offering Complete Move Solutions. Arrange for a survey or quotation today. Phone + 603 2727 1882 or Email

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