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Your Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Specialty Moving and Storage

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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You may be concerned about specialty moving and storage when planning your move. The key to a successful move is planning, and more planning. There are different types of moving services available to you, including residential moving, commercial moving, pet moving, and more.

As a specialty moving company, SIR Move understands how stressful moving can be. We realize it’s not easy to pack up years of belongings, and know precisely how to move them to a new location without causing any damage or getting injured.

This is why this article will guide you on all the intricacies of specialty moving and storage.

What is a specialty move?

Specialty moves pay direct attention to moving precious breakables. Moving companies generally define specialty moving as moving any items that require special care when packing and moving. So, any fragile, large, awkward, large, heavy, or expensive thing is essential.

So, when it comes to specialty moving, your family pet or heirloom may qualify. That’s why we recommend you research and get upfront with the cost several months before the move. Understanding this and being prepared will enable you to control your move based on your expectations and choose a mover that can fulfill your requirements.

How do you tell if you need specialty moving and storage?

As Professional International Movers, SIR recommends that you leave the packing of shape items, high-valued pieces, art/paintings/mirrors, china, and glassware to the moving crew. Our team will bring corrugated card boxes that can be scaled up and down and designed to custom-fit any furniture/household item. We also bring other standard protection materials like Bubble wrap, shrink-wrap, special paper, and cardboard.

Here are items that qualify for specialty moving:

Anything big and bulky

Washers, dryers, and refrigerators that are too large to fit through your door. It’s vital to safely remove these items from your house without damaging the object or your door frame.

Fragile treasures

Wine collections, safes, expensive jewelry. All these may be small, but they require special handling.

Special furniture

Do you have a high glass cabinet or antique armoire? Both items must be handled with extreme caution. Others include fine art, china, grandfather clocks, and more. Don’t forget in-deck, hot tubs, and other home add-ons. All these require specialty moving. You don’t just need anybody handling them. You need international movers who are confident and comfortable moving extremely uncomfortable pieces of furniture.

Hefty items

These items include gym equipment, hot tubs, and pianos. Aquarium, and more. These items may not simply fit into a moving truck; at least, they shouldn’t be packed in a cramped manner. Other extremely heavy items that require specialty moving include your automobiles and boats.

Sports equipment

Billiard tables and other large sporting equipment. Specialty movers know how to secure and move such items to your destination. Sports equipment, such as jet skis, kiteboards, sails, and watersport equipment, require special care and moving.

Retail or historical item

Specialty moving companies can help with moving museum pieces, tradeshow stock, banking tools, healthcare equipment, and more.

How do you prepare before the movers arrive to move your specialty items?

My big tip for moving day is to ensure that you have completed all your decluttering/sorting before the movers arrive. This will give you a helicopter perspective in providing instructions and focusing on specific items you may be anxious over. Decluttering will help you assemble a list of things requiring specialty moves. This will also help you receive the best quotes for your specialty moving.

Additionally, if you have any last-minute additions to your specialty moving inventory, contact your moving company as soon as possible. Inform them of the changes or additions to the item being moved. They can advise you on the best course of action and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

What do specialty moving companies do for you, and why do you need them?

There are many reasons you need specialty movers for your specialty items. Professional movers in specialty items are highly trained and equipped with the proper equipment and tools. They have adequate training in all aspects of specialty moving and storage. This means they know how to store specific items and understand the demands of climate and protection. They can even help with the disassembling and reassembling of specialty items.

Hire professionals that safeguard your treasured belongings! Plus, you shouldn’t move heavy items without the proper moving equipment. It’s easy to damage them in such a process. You’ll also love that specialty movers take the guesswork and stress out of moving your most fragile and oversized items.

How much does specialty moving cost?

The cost of specialty moving varies depending on the types of items you’re moving, the distance you’re moving, and the level of service you require. However, you should expect to pay more for specialty moving than traditional moving.

What to look for in a specialty mover?

When choosing a specialty mover, you must pay attention to licensed and insured companies. You must also ask questions about the coverage available for your specialty items to envisage the additional insurance you might need. Also, ask other questions about their pricing structure, experience moving items, and references. You should also get upfront with their claims process.

Tips to make the best of your specialty move

Custom crating

We recommend that at your pre-move meeting, you have already decided which items should be custom crated. Crating requires time and measurements, so let your Move Manager know as early as possible.

We also recommend crating for Statues, Big Televisions (when original packaging is unavailable), Grand Pianos, Special Art/Mirrors, and any large odd-shape fragile item of value. Depending on the art, you may use one crate for two pieces. We’ll also carefully label your specialty items to ensure they are handled with care until they are delivered to your doorsteps.

Prepping plants

When preparing plants, ensure they are watered and kept out of boxes or crates. Animal habitats will require climate-controlled transportation.

Get your insurance in order.

As a specialty moving company, we always tell our clients that our high standards of specialty moving solutions aren’t the only thing you need. You should insure your pieces of value. As movers, we are only one aspect of everything involved in international movers. There are other aspects we cannot control involved in the handling and logistics.

Can your specialty movers assist with the installation of items at your destination?

Many specialty moving companies offer additional services, including installing items at the destination. Discuss this during the planning phase so that all your needs are planned.

Contact SirMove - Your Specialty Moving Company

Choosing a specialty moving service ensures the protection and secure transport of your most valuable possessions. If you have specific questions about your upcoming specialty moving and storage, don't hesitate to consult with a professional moving company for personalized guidance.

As one of the best specialty moving companies, we look forward to working with you. Our team has packed and protected cars, scooters, boats, concert-size pianos, terracotta life-size warrior statues, Life-size Model Ships, and more…. We look forward to every challenge.

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