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Tips on Choosing International Moving Companies for your Moving Quotes

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

A couple of points to keep in mind when you need to find International Movers Singapore to your next destination.

Do get at least 3 Movers Singapore to provide you with International Moving Quotes Singapore. This will give you an opportunity to compare apples to apples based on their various estimates.

While price may be the deciding factor for Movers Singapore, you should also consider the number of years they have been around, recommendations from friends and reliable sources and their service provisions.

Should you have specific needs like pet moving, you will need to qualify that your shortlisted International Companies can provide the services you need.

Another important factor when reviewing the International Moving Quotes is to compare the Inclusions and Exclusions and ensure you have a handy checklist of your “Must Haves”.

Quality and International Recognition is important for International Moving Companies therefore do your research to ensure that they are a FIDI/FAIM accredited mover. FIDI is the primary association for international movers providing quality services worldwide. For companies to be part of FIDI they need to prove that they are compliant with the strict quality requirements which are regularly assessed by an independent auditor. For more information and to verify that the Movers Singapore are FIDI/FAIM please visit

Once you have the pre-requisites for International Movers Singapore in place, some of the other important decision-making factors should include the choice of the International Mover at the destination country. Once again do your research and the prerequisites for the origin company should be similar to that of the destination country.

Last but not least, ensure that all your communications are included in the final quotation and read your Terms and Conditions.

For more tips and assistance with your next moving adventure contact SIR MOVE SERVICES SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA. Visit or email

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