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10 Best Packing Materials You Need When Moving

Whether you're moving to a new apartment within the same location or a different location, having the essential packing supplies is non-negotiable. It doesn't matter if you're moving your properties yourself or paying a mover to do so, packing materials for moving are still needed.

Packing materials is the best way to keep your belongings protected and also keep them organized during your big day. With packing materials, you're guaranteed a stress-free move. You really can't do without some moving materials. If you're unsure of the packing materials you need when moving, don't worry, we've got you covered. In this article, we've listed the 10 Best Packing materials you need when moving.

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The Best Packing Materials For Moving

Below are our top 10 packing supplies for your big move:

1. Packing Tape

 A picture showing someone sealing a packing box with packaging tape

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You sure wouldn't want your items scattered around the place despite being in a moving box as you move. To protect your items, you'll need to seal your boxes with packing tape. We aren't talking about just any kind of tape. The best packing tape for your moving box is heavy-duty packing tape. An example of this tape is Scotch heavy-duty shipping packaging tape.

Additionally, heavy-duty packing tapes are best for sealing packaging boxes that weigh over 15 pounds. They are also the best packing materials for shipping items. Furthermore, for sealing packing boxes with fragile items, it's best you get string-reinforced shipping tape. This is because this type of tape can easily absorb shock and protect the box's content when moving. For boxes containing heavy items, you can seal the edges by using the “H” seal method.

2. Bubble Wrap

Before putting your fragile items like glassware, decor items or mirrors in a packaging box, you'll need to wrap them in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is the best packing material for fragile items as it protects your items from bumps and vibrations when moving. If the bubble wrap is taking up space in your packing box, you can use packing paper for items with flat surfaces.

However, bubble wrap isn't the most eco-friendly packing material. This is because it contains petroleum-based plastic that isn't recyclable. Instead of using bubble wrap, we advise that you make use of towels to wrap your items. If you feel getting towels for wrapping your items is more expensive, you can get small bubble wraps for fragile items and large bubble wraps for items like furniture.

3. Moving Blankets

A picture showing moving blankets

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Moving blankets are necessary packing supplies you need when moving. These types of blankets are thick and they help protect your large items, electronic appliances, and furniture. Aside from protecting your items from scratches or damages when moving, these blankets also help to keep your items clean.

Also, once you're done wrapping your items with a moving blanket, you'll need to use packing tape. This is to add extra protection for your items. However, if you're on a tight budget, you can make use of comforters to wrap your items. If you'd be hiring a moving company like Sir Moves Services, you don't need to get a moving blanket.

4. Moving Boxes

This is obviously one of the most important packing supplies you need when making your move. You can't plan on moving without having a variety of boxes to pack multiple items. However, it's important that you have a knowledge of the type and size of boxes that you need for each of your items.

One popular type of moving box you can consider is cardboard moving boxes. You can easily find them at a grocery store. If you prefer to use environmentally friendly materials, you can opt for a plastic box. This type of box can be reused and they are stronger than usual cardboard boxes.

Sizes of Moving Boxes For Your Items

  • Small boxes are best for small or heavy items like small vases, silverware, and tools.

  • Medium moving boxes are best for various types of items like toys, and small electronic appliances like iron, pots or pans.

  • Large moving boxes ironically are best for lighter but bulky items like bed frames, pillows, bedding, etc.

For moving your clothes, you can make use of wardrobe boxes. These boxes come with a hanging bar that allows you to hang your clothes without having to fold them. You can also decide to use these wardrobe boxes to keep some of your clothes when your wardrobe gets filled.

If you don't want to keep your pictures of flat-screen TVs in just any kind of box, you can make use of picture boxes. This type of box has the perfect size for your pictures or any item with a flat surface. If any of the items you put in the picture box are fragile, ensure to label the box “Fragile.” This would send a message across to the movers that the item is to be handled with care.

Furthermore, when arranging your packing boxes, you have to avoid being flimsy. You'll need to ensure that you've properly packed your items into your boxes properly. Also, ensure that your moving boxes are completely filled. You can do this by using towels or packing paper to fill up any empty space in your box. Doing this will help prevent your items from shifting when making your move.

5. Permanent Markers

 A picture of labelings done with permanent markers

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Permanent markers are very important packing materials. You don't want to scatter your boxes around when unpacking your items after moving. To know where your items are and to inform your mover which items are fragile, you'll need to label your boxes. When choosing the permanent markers you need for labeling, ensure you choose high-quality markers.

If you find the fat and industrial type of markers, ensure you get them. You'll need to get different colors for each box. Also, when labeling your boxes, you can write where each box belongs e.g. bedroom, sitting room, etc. Doing this will save you the stress of guessing where the items in the boxes belong. If you don't want to mess your box with writing, you can just write the keywords of each destination. You can use “S” for the sitting room.

6. Scissors or Box Cutter

A pair of scissors or box cutter is an essential packing material when packing for your move. You'll need either one of these items to cut tapes, open sealed boxes when you arrive at your destination. You can also use scissors to resize your blankets so they can effectively protect your items.

7. Packing Labels

A picture of couples who labeled their packing boxes with packing labels

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You can choose to label your box by just making use of a paper and permanent marker. Or decide to get labels from a supply store, online or the labels that come with the boxes. Whichever one you choose to make use of is totally fine. However, when you want to manually label your box, you'd need to provide enough information about the box content.

Like we earlier stated, labeling saves you the stress of scattering your items when looking for an item. Also, by labeling your box, it helps you stay organized till you're ready to unpack in your new home. Furthermore, when packing multiple boxes, use a numbering system to keep track of them and ensure everything arrives at your new home.

Label each box with a unique number, followed by the total number of boxes (e.g., "1 of 4", "2 of 4", etc.). This way, you can easily account for all your boxes and verify that everything has arrived safely.

8. Tool Set

This is a necessary packing material you need when moving. A tool set will help you when you're trying to dismantle your large furniture pieces before it's taken by the mover. Dismantling your furniture will actually make your move easier. Also, a tool set is helpful when you finally arrive at your destination. With the help of this packing material, you can easily couple your furniture together.

9. Plastic Bags

A picture showing plastic bags for moving

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There are various sizes of plastic bags. These bags help to keep your items organized and free from dust. You can purchase different sizes of plastic bags to pack your clothes, documents, and other small items like nuts, screws, and bolts. You can also keep your pictures or hangers in a plastic bag. Doing this will make it easy for you to locate your items easily.

If you have plastic garbage bags in your cabinet, you can make use of them rather than getting new plastic bags. You can also make use of garbage bags to carry your clothes. All you need to do is open a hole at the top of the bag. The hole should be big enough to allow hanger handles to easily pass through. Now, you have a bag you can pack your clothes in without stress. You can also make use of these bags if you can't get a wardrobe box. 

10. Packing Foam

This packing supply is usually used in food packaging products. It can be used to wrap fragile items without taking up much space in the box. If you've not heard of this item before, you can find it on Amazon. Packing foam helps protect fragile items from damage on the moving day. Additionally, you can use rolls of packing foam to wrap items like mirrors, picture frames, and posters. All you need to do is wrap the packing foam round the item to secure it.

What To Pack Last When Moving?

When you're packing, the things you should focus on last are the items you make use of daily. This is because you'll still need these items till the day you finally make your move. You don't want to keep scattering your packaging box to get these items. Some of the items to pack last when moving are:

  • Electronic appliances

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Bedding

  • Towels and toothbrush

  • Personal care items

  • Survival kits

  • Medications

What To Keep Out of Your Packing Box When Moving

When you're moving, it's necessary that you keep some items out of your moving materials. Some of the items you can consider irrelevant are:

  • Toiletries and toilet papers

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Medications

  • Comfort item for kids e.g. toys, coloring book or comfort blanket

  • Important document

  • Jewelleries


Now that you have an idea of the best packing supplies you'll need when moving, it's time to add them to your next shopping list. In all you do, it's necessary you have packing boxes and tapes. You wouldn't want to take the risk of damaging your items when you're moving.

Additionally, when buying your packaging materials, you'll need to consider your budget. If you can’t afford moving packing materials like moving foams, you can make use of a comforter. Lastly, if you're looking for a moving company that can help move your items from Singapore to the UK, US, or Europe, you can contact Sir Moves Services now!

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