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Top 10 FAQS From International Movers on Moving with Children

Updated: Nov 3

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As International Movers, we often advise customers to bear in mind some important tips when moving with children to a new country. Kids need more time to respond to new customs, language, foods, friends, and your new home, so you must be careful about how you plan your moving.

In this article, we've put together 10 most critical questions and answers to help you relocate your family in peace.

1. What the most crucial piece of information I need about moving internationally with kids?

· Make them a part of your moving plans by learning about the country with them.

· You can also go on an adventure, while still in your immediate area to restaurants that offer regional cuisines to help introduce them to the tastes, textures, and smells, that they should expect.

· Don't forget to show your enthusiasm and control your fears, as kids can absorb those negative emotions, making them develop a negative attitude to the move.

2. What other plans should I make about my kids?

· We recommend making plans long before the move. Contact the local consulate in the region for insights on good educational prospects and schools.

· Be thorough in your search and learn the differences to expect, such as cultural norms and systems.

· Ensure to also research about the neighbourhood you are moving to as well as clubs and local community groups.

· Also, make plans on how you will maintain secure connections with your family back home so your kids can stay connected with friends and family.

3. When is the right time to tell my kids about the move?

· There is no right time, as it all depends on you. However, it's essential you do it as early as possible, so your family can get used to the idea early on.

4. How do I ensure that the move across the country goes seamlessly?

· Moving internationally might mean a long trip, so you must have other boxes of some of their favourite toys on hand. These they can enjoy while waiting to move or when traveling to your new home. This will help keep up their energy and excitement and soothe all ruffled feathers, as moves are always harder on kids.

· Ensure you have a thoroughly detailed plan of your move, to avoid last-minute surprises and confusion. When moving with kids, these surprises can significantly make moving very difficult for everyone. Besides your thoroughly laid out plan, make sure you have contingencies as well.

5. Would moving impact on my kid's health?

· Ensure you know about the local epidemics in the region and prepare accordingly.

· If you are moving with babies, make sure you have about health support for them as well as your other kids. They can all settle anywhere, as long as you've done your homework.

6. What is the right age to move internationally with children?

· There is no right age to move to any country. However, different age groups may react in their own unique way.

· For instance, younger children can adapt better than older children. They can even quickly pick up the language of your new country as well.

· On the other hand, there might be a bit of a problem dealing with older kids because they are leaving their friends and familiar surroundings behind.

7. When should I start making plans with international movers in Singapore?

· We recommend packing and categorising as early as possible. When you have kids in the family, then you must have more bags to pack. In this case, give yourself at least two months to put everything together.

· Sort items according to what would be disposed of, sold, stored, given away, shipped by air or shipped by sea

· Carefully pack your family papers, medical documentation, travel papers, records, and valuables.

· Also, ensure your travel papers, family papers, and documentation, records, and valuables are together as these sets of items might travel with you and not with the shipment.

8. When is the best time to move my kids abroad?

· There is no particular best time. However, you should always consider the weather in your destination country.

· This might have you cutting winter, or "just before Christmas" out of your moving plans as it might be too cold and shocking.

· Nevertheless, your plans should also factor in the school's timetables as well.

9. How do I deal with my kids on a moving day?

· Regardless of your level of planning, moving day can be chaotic and stressful, especially when you have your kids around as well.

· Your older kids should be involved in the moving project from the very first day. That said, they can also help around on a moving day as well.

· If you have younger kids, then you should keep them preoccupied and entertained with games, their favourite toys, books. You can also take them out for walks or to play in the open to keep their mood light and comfortable.

10. How can I get my kids to settle down after moving?

· It is vital to be patient with your kids. Give them ample time and opportunity to get to know and understand the new place. As said earlier, getting involved from the onset may also accelerate they're becoming familiar with the new country.

· Never let go of old routines. It's better to maintain them than adopt new ones, as it will help get rid of the tension and help them relax.


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