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The SIR Group introduced video surveys several years ago and the take-up has been pretty good. Specifically, we found it effective to conduct surveys in other countries where we did not have a physical presence and when customers required appointments outside of regular working hours.

The uptake has seen considerable growth with the onset of COVID19 and the required precautionary measures.

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and unnecessary in-person appointments! SIR's innovative video surveys offer a convenient and efficient way to get an accurate moving quote, all from the comfort of your own home.

For the foreseeable future this could possibly take over physical surveys. As we don’t outsource Video Surveys, customers are reassured of an experienced and professional sales and operations team that have the foresight to manage shipments of any size. So, what do you need to do to know and what should you expect? Let us guide you through this.

What are Video Surveys?

Simple yet powerful, video surveys utilize the power of video conferencing to allow our experienced sales consultants to virtually walk through your property. This remote assessment provides us with the necessary information to create a precise and personalized moving quote, tailored to your specific needs.

6 Steps to Get Your Moving Quote with SIR Move's Video Surveys

STEP 1: Download WhatsApp if you don’t already have it and ensure you provide that number to the SIR Customer Representative.

You can download from the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad users or the Google Play Store for Android users. Or go to

Step 2: Confirmation of a Video Survey with SIR MOVE

  • If this has not been scheduled proceed to to schedule your video survey.

  • You will receive a confirmation once it is scheduled and the surveyor will contact you on the scheduled date and time.

Step 3: Do The Following Before the Call


  • Your smartphone/iPad/tablet is fully charged and will receive WhatsApp calls. Test your video and microphone if required.

  • You have a strong and secure WIFI/4G connection before starting the survey.

  • To highlight any items of high value or any special handling during the survey.


  • A tape measure and keep it handy… just in-case.

  • A torchlight, so you can light up any darker areas such as under the stairs/lofts/ etc.

  • To open all your cupboards and drawers.

Privacy Concerns:

  • Check that you don’t have any sensitive information/items that you would prefer not to be seen/showed. This may include person/s in the household.

Plan your Time:

  • While most Video Surveys can be completed in 15 minutes, you might want to cater for extra time if your property is large or for Q&A after the walk-through of the premises is completed.


  • Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask or you may email in advance.

Video Recording & Photography:

  • Please note that the Survey will be recorded and photos will be taken. You may want to read about our strict compliance policy on data protection here.

Step 5: What happens during the video survey?

  • Your confirmation email will have the name and contact details of your Surveyor/Sales Consultant. Should you need to change the time/date do let the surveyor know failing which, they will contact you directly.

  • After the introductions, the surveyor will ask to start the survey.

  • Take your time as you move from room to room and ensure your camera is in reverse capturing the household goods and personal effects that will be moving.

  • The surveyor will provide timely advice as you move through the house.

  • Do stand back so that the Surveyor can get a full view of each room. If an item needs to be focused on, you will be guided to the specific requirements.

  • You may want to do a quick run through on your own prior to the Video Call.

Remember the objectives of the survey:

SIR needs to calculate the total volume so please be comprehensive and detailed.

  • The information we gather will help to plan for packing and the materials required.

  • We need to understand/know if any furniture will need dismantling or the assistance of 3rd party providers.

Do note that we will check on restricted or prohibited items that cannot be shipped.

While we will conduct an access check of your property, if you have any information on stair-carry or shuttle that will help with the accuracy of the quotation.

Other information to share where relevant:

  • Move Dates

  • Visa

  • Storage

  • Insurance

  • Pet Moving

Step 6: We Prepare your Moving Quote

  • Your quotation will be ready anywhere between 24 – 48 hours (working days)

  • Once received, your Surveyor will contact you for a discussion to further understand and confirm your needs.

Why Choose a Video Survey for your International Moving Quotes?

1. Available based on your schedule

  • More control of your schedule and time

  • Schedule multiple sessions easily in-case you need to reduce/add more items

  • Appointments can be scheduled outside of regular working hours

2. COVID19 Health Precautions & other members of the household

  • Effective Safe Distancing for COVID19

  • Will not affect babies sleeping, children during homework and partners working from home

3. Saves Time

  • Skip the wait for an in-person appointment and get your quote faster.

  • Video surveys typically take just 15 minutes, saving you valuable time.

4. No Downtime

  • We try our best to work around your schedule

5. Comprehensive assessment

  • Capture every detail with real-time communication and guidance.

  • Highlight high-value items, special handling needs, and access points for an accurate quote.

6. Not limited by distance

Whether you're across town or across the globe, we can conduct a Video Survey anywhere in the world. Enjoy the SIR expertise regardless of your location.

Schedule your convenient video survey today and benefit from a streamlined, efficient, and personalized moving experience. Let SIR Move handle the logistics, while you focus on the excitement of your new adventure!

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