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The Moving Company has Moved!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

We have moved thousands of people, hundreds of companies and finally we had to move US! Yes! After 10 years of calling Changi Business Park home we decided it was time for a change.

After several months of countless office viewing, we finally settled for a conservation shophouse in Joo Chiat. The plan was to move the main office to a more vibrant area in the EAST ( we still love the EAST!) while the warehousing, House Moving Services Singapore and Moving and Storage Companies with relocates to the West.

The final date for moving actually came sooner then planned and so there was a mad rush for us to get in before the start of the " Ghost" Month in Singapore. It is not considered "favourable" to be moving during this month and so we decided best not to tempt fate. However that meant moving when everything was not in place, which did not sit well for some of our OCD Managers but we made it work with some sweat, food and cheer. In the process we recycled, donated and up-cycled 10 years of accumulated "stuff".

We have relocated to a new address

5 days into our new office, it's amazing how one single decision has led us down to this very quaint part of Singapore that is culturally rich and full of diversity. Instead of walking out of the office to see more industrial grey buildings, we now get to see different colours, styles and architecture. Everyday I can walk down the same street and still something different will catch my eye. While it has just been been a few days we have quickly found our favourite spots for cold pressed juice, dripped coffee and beef pho. I am sure over the next couple of weeks this list will get longer.

Fully unpacked, with pictures on the floor and bits and bobs left to do, we are looking forward to this new adventure in Joo Chiat, our new home.

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