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Mental Health and Moving House: How Moving Abroad Can Also Impact Your Mental Health Positively

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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Your mental health and moving house does not have to be at odds. While we often talk about the downsides of relocating abroad. But do you know that there are lots of benefits associated with moving? No doubt, moving to a new location can bring intense emotions. Moving means making big decisions whether you are moving across the country or internationally. How about if it could be the thing to boost your mental health and alleviate stress? A study by a global health insurer interviewing over 463 expats found that moving improved their overall health. Still, how can moving be beneficial to you?

As one of the international moving companies in Singapore, we want to help you move overseas effortlessly by providing all the information you need to make good choices. Here, we want to share some of the wholesome benefits of moving for your mental health.

Mental health and moving house: 10 incredible benefits of moving abroad

1. Moving gives you a refreshing start

Moving is a fascinating way to transform your life through the greater chance to enjoy new experiences. When you move to an entirely different place, such as overseas, you will likely start a new job, meet new people and immerse yourself in a different culture. You will also live in another home, build other routines, sign up for new activities, get new hobbies, and speak a foreign language. All these allow you to reinvent yourself and even become your desired person.

Alternatively, living in the same place and having the same network of friends and connections tends to make us feel stagnated. This is because the familiar often becomes so boring, which is terrible for our mental health. So your mental health and moving house can yield tremendous benefits.

2. Moving gives you time to reconnect with yourself

Our world today is constantly in motion and filled with responsibilities. We often need more time for ourselves. However, whether you choose to move temporarily or permanently, it can put a break in your endlessly busy life. Because moving disrupts your routine and may offer a few weeks away from your day-to-day affairs, you will have a lot of time to be alone with your thoughts.

You can use that long-distance move as an opportunity to think about your life, habits, fears, desires, and relationships. When you are away from everything, you understand yourself more and can make better decisions, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

3. Moving opens you to new perspectives

Perhaps your home country doesn’t offer the best weather for you. Moving overseas to a country with better weather will allow you to lead a more active and outdoor lifestyle. Research shows that moving to an area with more green space, and fascinating architecture can improve your health. This, in turn, boosts your mental health and alleviates stress.

4. You can make new friends and transform your relationships

Sometimes, staying in a place all our lives has a toxic effect on our relationships. Perhaps you have seen the same people all your life. It’s also possible you and your current friends no longer think or do things the same way. But it can be hard to break off when it’s all you have, which further fuels the resentment and ill feelings towards one another. As one of the best movers in Singapore, we know that moving internationally can help you break those old barriers.

When you move, you are driven to meet and build experiences with new people. Moving pushes you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to do many new things. You will meet new neighbors, co-workers and people in your neighborhood.

Everyone you will meet in your new location will come from a different background, offering new insights into life, religion, relationships and other interesting subjects. Hence, moving can stimulate your mind and highly benefit your mental health.

5. You can see life differently

When you move to a new place, you experience life in a way you never thought possible. Even when you only move to a rural area in your state, you will see how your life changes dramatically. Naturally, this dramatic effect is more pronounced if you move across the country or make a big international move. It allows you to plan anew and immerse yourself in refreshingly new activities that can boost your mental health.

6. Opportunities for personal growth

One way moving helps mental health is that it provides opportunities for personal growth. Now, just imagine leaving your familiar environment and diving into an entirely new city or country. If work prompts you to move, your move can motivate you to achieve more success and advance in your career. Even if something else made you relocate, you can build your knowledge and develop extra skills. So, by taking on challenges and embracing the unknown, you grow stronger resilience and personal growth, ultimately benefiting your mental health.

7. Creates room for Healing

Instead of suffering from depression, your move can be beneficial to you. Take a picture of a change of scenery after life hits you with challenging experiences, like a breakup, losing a loved one, or even losing your job. Such moments can be very terrible for you. This is because you might be going through severe depression since you are still within the area where the challenging experience struck you. But moving to a new place grants you room for a new beginning. Besides, it gives you ample space to heal and rebuild a new and happier life.

8. New Experiences and Learning

Instead of getting drained by the moving abroad depression, it can be an opportunity for you to experience and learn new things. Have you ever considered the different perspectives and knowledge you could gain from immersing yourself in a new culture or meeting people from diverse backgrounds? Moving lets you let go of things that are no longer useful or working for you. It also opens the doors to many new experiences that offer a broader understanding of life, potentially reducing stress and improving mental health.

9. Enhances Confidence and Self-Reliance

Remember that feeling of accomplishment when you first navigated a new city yourself? Since you are entirely relocating, the responsibility of looking out for yourself becomes inevitable. Moving will automatically boost your confidence and self-reliance super high. This is one thing that relocating teaches you: trusting and depending on yourself against challenges in an unfamiliar environment. Truly moving can be an amazing way to quench anxiety and ignite self-confidence.

10. Improves Physical Health

Mental health and moving house is something you should take seriously. Your physical activity will improve as you prepare and arrange to move. Now, if the country you are moving to has more sunny days, this can trigger you to exercise or engage in more outdoor activities. This new lifestyle change will give a positive impression on your physical health. Apart from benefiting your mental health, it will also set you on the path to achieving the healthier body you have always craved for.

11. Motivation for Lifestyle Changes

Moving abroad depression can be deadly, but your move can be a motivation for amazing lifestyle changes. Now, have a mental picture of the new place you are moving to. Suppose the place has an aura for healthier habits, like exercising more frequently and better dieting. Adopting such lifestyle changes will significantly affect your mood and boost your overall mental health. This shows how moving helps mental health immensely.

12. Boosts Brain Power

The science behind how a move can boost your brain power is impressive. As you move, your brain tends to remember the events around the movement. You remember both the things in your formal residence and your new location. Let’s take, for instance, an artist who relocates from a small town to a city filled with many activities and experiences a massive impact on creativity. You can refer to the rapid change in the brain's ability to adapt to new environments. This proves that relocation to a new location can improve cognitive function and mental health.

It is a fact that the best moving companies in Singapore can be very helpful with your moving. It's essential to remember that mental health and moving house isn't a magic solution to mental health improvement.

Instead, it's a catalyst for change that can lead to better mental health and stress management.

Embracing a new geographical adventure might be your ticket to a transformative mental health journey.

If you have always dreamt of living abroad, moving would give you that sense of happiness, accomplishment and satisfaction in fulfilling that dream.

Undoubtedly, moving overseas takes work. You must adapt to the new culture, people, and environment. But then it can be just what you need to transform your health remarkably. We invite you to take that plunge and start planning your big move.


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