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International Moving Quotes: 27 Questions to Ask Your International Mover

international moving quotes

Getting your international moving quotes is a critical aspect of your international moving abroad. But to get the best moving quotes, you need to ask the right questions. As one of the best overseas moving services, we've put together some of the most important questions that can help you access the best information to plan for your relocation abroad.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

When choosing any moving company, you need one that is properly licensed and insured. They should have a license to operate in your current country and your destination. Licensing ensures that the company meets the legal requirements for conducting moving services, and insurance protects you against any damage or loss of your belongings.

2. What's your quote process

The best combines to give you a quote after carrying out either an in-person visit or a virtual tour. This helps them to get the best idea of your shipment and give you an accurate international moving quote. Therefore, you should avoid international moving companies that offer quotes over phones, emails, or cheap estimates that seem too good to be true.

3. What credentials and experiences do you have that distinguish you in international moving?

A professional international mover in Singapore should have relevant credentials such as ISO certification or membership in international moving organizations like FIDI or BAR. Experience in handling international shipments is also important.

4. How long have you been in operations?

Ideally, the best kind of relocation services have been working for at least two years. When a company has extended experience, then they are doing something right.

5. How long has your company been in business?

Experience matters when it comes to international moving. A company that has been in business for a long time is likely to have the expertise and resources required to handle your move efficiently.

6. Should I be there for the loading and unloading process?

If you're moving from one continent to the next, then you need to confirm their offloading and loading process. Depending on the suite of moving services you select, you may have to be there for the loading and unloading. Confirm with your international moving company what applies to your unique situation. Otherwise, the door-to-door international moving service will handle everything for you, giving you more convenience. You can even add the unpacking service to the mix so that your relocation is as stress-free as possible.

7. Do you specialize in international moves?

Before you ask for your international moving quotes, you should explicitly confirm that your international moving company specializes in moving household goods internationally. An international move requires specialized expertise and resources. It is essential to choose a moving company that specializes in international moves to ensure that your belongings are properly handled.

8. What countries do you serve?

Not all international moving companies service all countries. It is important to ensure that the company you choose services your destination country. For instance, SirMove is a global moving company based in Singapore with a wide coverage encompassing Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, the US, the UK, and Australia.

9. What type of moving options do you offer?

International moving companies typically offer two types of moving options: air freight and sea freight. It is important to make the right choice based on your budget and time constraints.

10. What other services do you offer?

International movers should offer a robust suite of services. At SirMove, we offer packing services, door-to-door international moving, pet relocation, vehicle shipping, commercial moving, and many more. If you're interested in comprehensive door-to-door service, ask that they provide the details on everything. That way, you can get the extra work off your hands and make your move very flawless.

11. What is included in your international moving quotes?

Make sure you understand every detail in your moving quote, including packing, pick up, transportation, customs requirements, delivery, and unpacking. It's important to have a complete understanding of the services that you will be paying for.

12. Who will be delivering my effects to the destination country?

You need to find out who your international mover's partners are that would deliver your belongings to your home at your destination. Get their contact information and a detailed account of the tasks they will cover.

13. How are your charges calculated?

No matter how similar the services are, different moving companies calculate their charges differently. Ask and ensure that you can negotiate the best deal for yourself.

14. Do you offer packing services? What packing materials do you use?

Some international moving companies offer packing services. Make sure that you understand the type of packing materials that your international movers will use to protect your belongings during transit. Packing materials should be of good quality and appropriately sized.

15. When will my household goods be delivered?

One of the most important questions you need to be sure of is the date of the delivery. Usually, your Singapore moving services will give you a time frame that accommodates possible delays at ports. This helps you plan your international relocation efficiently.

16. What kind of insurance coverage do you have for international moves?

Most international moving companies have insurance coverage, but you need to learn precisely what it covers. Hence, you can pay for the best protection for all your belongings.

17. Will my belongings need to be transferred between trucks or ships during transportation?

Transferring your belongings between trucks or ships can increase the risk of damage or loss. If this is necessary, make sure that the moving company has a plan to minimize this risk.

18. Can you handle special items such as antiques, artwork, or musical instruments?

If you have special items that require extra care, make sure the moving company has experience and expertise in handling them. In reality, Specialty moving services are your best bet to ensure these items get moved correctly. You should pick over DIY for those special belongings.

19. How do you handle customs requirements?

Customs requirements can be complex and vary depending on the destination country. Make sure that the moving company has experience and expertise in handling customs requirements.

20. What do I need to know about the customs process?

Not only do the modes of transportation influence how your items arrive, but you need to inquire about the customs. Ask your moving company how long customs clearance takes, which will depend on your destination country. Your international moving company in Singapore should help you gain more knowledge about what you can ship to your destination country. If a company needs to gain more understanding about customs in your destination country, you should avoid them.

21. Do you have a tracking system?

Having a tracking system can provide you with peace of mind and ensure that you know exactly where your belongings are while in transit.

22. Do you offer storage options?

If you need storage before or after your move, make sure that the moving company offers this service. Some movers provide both short-term and long-term storage options for your goods. Ensure that the storage facilities are secure, climate-controlled, and easily accessible with proper surveillance systems in place.

23. Are there any hidden fees or charges to be aware of?

Your international mover should be transparent in their pricing, and there should be no hidden fees or charges.

24. What is your policy on damage or loss of belongings?

It's important to understand the company's policy on damage or loss of your belongings. Make sure that you are familiar with the company's policies and procedures for handling this situation.

25. What is the estimated transit time?

Understanding the estimated transit time can help you plan for your move and ensure that you have prepared for the arrival of your belongings.

26. Do you have any customer references?

It's important to get customer references to help you make an informed decision about your international moving quotes. Reach out to the company's past customers to understand their experience working with the company.

27. Are you readily available and responsive to inquiries and concerns?

Yes, your mover should be responsive to your inquiries and concerns, providing prompt and satisfactory responses.


Asking the right questions is crucial when hiring an international mover in Singapore. By following this FAQ guide, you can ensure a smooth relocation and minimize any potential risks or challenges. Use the outlined questions as a roadmap for your own international moving quotes to get the best estimates.

Remember, the more information you gather from your mover, the better prepared you'll be for a successful international move.

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