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International Moving & Packing: How to pack clothes on hangers, shoes & bags?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Wardrobe that contains clothes

Are you planning on moving clothes on hangers, bags and shoes? As international movers in Singapore, we want to help you find the best ways to handle that overwhelming task with minimal hassles. Here are great ideas to organize your clothes on hangers, bags and shoes.

When you are decluttering and packing up items from your closet, it can be the most overwhelming aspect of your moving project.

What goes first? How do you wrap up those big clothes that don’t fold neatly? Without knowing the right hacks, you might end up with scuffed shoes, wrinkly shirts and damaged bags.

Through our wealth of experience as one of the top relocation companies in Singapore, we have a great list of things you can do to avoid those horrible experiences.

Assess Your Wardrobe

The first step is to assess your clothes, and accessories to sort out what you should sell, donate and keep. Consider donating gently used closet items, selling still trending outfits and getting rid of damaged apparels. You can consider storing sentimental items, in climate-controlled storage units, but be sure you actually need to store it or discard.

Wash and Dry-Clean

Before you begin packing the clothes in your closet, we recommend washing and dry cleaning every cloth in there. Think about this; if you mix dirty clothes and clean ones, it could make all your clothes dirty and smelly. Also, ensure that your clothes properly dry before ironing to prevent mildew issues as a result of damp clothes.

Packing Supplies

Once you have successfully, assessed, washed and dry-cleaned your clothes, you can now pack them. However, different garments and accessories demand different kinds of packing supplies. With many years of experience as one of the best moving companies in Singapore, we have created a careful list of the right methods to pack your clothes, shoes and bags.

1. Clothes on Hanger

For high-end apparels, consider using wardrobe boxes. They offer portability and can hang and fit your clothes. There are different sizes out there for you, and they come with attached metal hangar, just like your wardrobe. However, you cannot consider using wardrobe boxes for every cloth you own. For other low-cost clothes, you can use large trash bags to mimic those wardrobe boxes. Consider using garment bags as extra protection to separate your clothes during the move.

2. Clothes in Box

For clothes, you usually fold and store in boxes inside your wardrobe; you can simply fold and place in regular card boxes. Furthermore, for extra protection, consider adding plastic wraps between folded clothes to protect your clothes from wear and tear, during moving. Don’t forget to take care when folding your clothes to prevent wrinkles and make the best of space.

3. Shoes

If you have the boxes, you purchased your shoes in; you can use them for packing kinds of stuff like shoes, loafers, boots, sandals, and high heels. You can also purchase affordable options online if you don’t have in your home. Alternatively, you can use translucent, plastic shoe boxes which provides an excellent layer and keeps your shoes safe. Don’t forget to add packing papers outside and inside your shoes to help maintain their shape and prevent a scuffled appearance.

There are many other packing supplies you can use when preparing for your move. Clear plastic bins, hat boxes, and vacuum seal bags are also excellent options for storing your clothes, shoes and accessories. However, in everything you do, ensure that you have an inventory of your clothes in your boxes, so it becomes easier to reorganize when you get to your new home.

SIR Move will be able to assist you with complete professional packing standards for your needs.


Established in Singapore in and Malaysia since 2006, SIR Move Services is a Singapore/British brand, and it is a moving company that continues to build a business based on integrity and trust. With a firm belief that 110% attention to the technicalities involved in moving is an expected pre-requisite, it is these strong building blocks that have served as a foundation for their mission which is, to ensure that the delivery of their services comes with consistent quality of exceptional standards at every level and in every move. SIR provides Complete Move Solutions for International, Commercial and Domestic Relocations inclusive of storage and insurance. We move pets too. Moove My Box (MMB) is the newest addition to our suite of services allowing customers to ship small shipments faster. Similar to Air Express Delivery with the addition of packing and collection services. SIR Move is a qualified FIDI/FAIM Quality Mover.

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