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Frequently Asked Questions on International Moving Insurance

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About International Moving Insurance

One aspect you may be concerned about when planning your move is moving insurance. Moving to a new country can be exciting but overwhelming. Even so, the best long-distance moving companies employ experienced movers and well-trained drivers, but that’s not a guarantee that everything will happen without events.

Your belongings could be damaged by anything, such as a dropped box from a head-on vehicle collision or even a natural disaster like a storm. House moving insurance ensures your belongings travel from one location to the next with the best protection.

This blog post answers some of our customers' most frequently asked questions about international moving insurance in Singapore.

1. What is international moving insurance?

International moving insurance is also called transit insurance. It covers your personal belongings and household goods when in transit during an international relocation. The best International moving insurance provides financial protection against potential loss or damage during packing, shopping, and delivery to your new home.

2. What does international moving insurance typically cover?

International moving insurance may cover the following:

  • Theft, loss, or damage of your belongings while in transit

  • Damage or loss caused by acts of war, terrorism, or political unrest

  • Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions

  • Damage caused by handling, such as loading and unloading

However, coverage will depend on your policy and who provides the insurance. Be sure to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of any policies you are considering.

3. Do removal companies provide insurance?

When moving abroad, most International Moving Companies in Singapore will provide moving insurance. While it may be convenient to purchase your insurance policy through your mover, you want to assess the premiums, coverage, and terms of the offered policy to ensure they meet your requirements.

4. What kind of legal liability does the moving company have concerning my move?

All reputable international movers will provide international moving insurance for your items. However, there is no standard plan, as companies can choose what they can or cannot cover. Therefore, you must read the fine print carefully to understand what the insurance moving household goods covers. You want to know their exclusions, deductibles, and the procedure for making claims. Never hesitate to ask further questions about their international moving insurance coverage.

5. What types of international moving insurance will they provide?

Generally, moving companies may offer two kinds of insurance as part of their service: released value protection and full value protection moving insurance. At Sirmove, we use the ALL RISKS TRANSIT INSURANCE to cover any financial implications of potential damage or loss.

“Sea-Marine All Risks” Insurance

This covers the consignment against partial/total damage or loss. This policy takes effect when the movers arrive at your premises to pack, and it will remain in force until delivery at your next destination. Most policies cover Loss / Damage / Mould / Mildew and Electrical and Mechanical Derangement.

Mould, mildew, or fungi loss shall be covered as a direct result of fire, the direct ingress of water into transporting trailer or ocean container, and inclement weather during container loading operations. Other causes of mould, mildew, or fungi, including, but not limited to, condensation, humidity, atmospheric conditions, or temperature changes, are excluded from coverage.

A. Detailed/Itemized Inventory Valuation

You will need to provide the quantity, description & replacement value of each item or group of items. Storage Extension Cover is available should your goods require Storage for any time.

B. Lump Sum Insurance

If you elect not to complete the valued inventory list, you may opt for lump sum insurance.

Each cubic meter (cbm) of goods is given a fixed value. There is no need to determine the value of small or inexpensive items because each cubic meter is allocated the same value. The Lump sum insurance is a value per cubic meter (cbm).

6. How do I determine the level of insurance coverage required for my belongings?

The replacement value for your items will depend on the country of destination. Begin your international valuation paperwork as early as possible and be detailed so you know which items need a high replacement cost.

7. If I handled the packing on my own, would the mover be responsible for any broken or lost items?

Yes, because the tariff provisions allow movers to repack cartons or boxes, which they believe were improperly packed. If professional packers do not repack goods packed by you, then you will only be able to insure under Total Loss. That said, your international moving insurance in Singapore may not cover hazardous or perishable materials not disclosed to the mover.

8. What is Total Loss Coverage?

Most Insurance providers will not provide ALL RISKS Insurance for contents packed by owners (PBO). You will only be able to insure for TOTAL LOSS. Therefore, with this coverage, you will only be covered for breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining, and tearing caused by fire, stranding, sinking, or collision of the vessel or collision or overturn of transporting land coverage. It excludes missing items/cartons unless an itemized list is provided before transit.

9. Is there add-on insurance I should know about?

Some international moving companies may also provide myriad add-ons for your moving insurance. These are also important because you are moving a lot of your belongings. There are hundreds to choose from, but pay close attention to add-ons for pairs and sets, mold & mildew, and mechanical derangement.

10. How do I know if I am using a reputable moving company?

Ask thorough questions about the history, client base, certifications, and licenses of your international mover in Singapore. Be clear about the type of moving insurance in Singapore they will provide. Remember that although many global moving companies in Singapore claim to be reliable, not all are. Use a company with a solid background and experience in international moves.

11. How do I make a claim? How much time do I have to make a claim?

If any of your items are damaged in transit, then you can claim by completing a claim form/online portal that will be given to you by your international moving company. This will be promptly settled with the Insurance Broker. Ask your moving company how long you have from the delivery date to file a claim. This is an essential question before signing up for their services.

12. How much will my international move cost?

As one of the best moving companies in Singapore, this is the question we get all the time.

Your move will depend on many factors, including mode of transport, whether fragile materials are being carried, volumes packed and moved, and lots more.


Distance mostly takes the more significant part of the international moving cost. Longer distances would demand more logistics, which will result in more fees. The amount or size of your belongings will also take a good chunk of the overall cost to move. If you are moving gigantic amounts of items or hefty items, this will require larger containers or more transportation costs.


The actual country you are moving to matters since various countries have different tariffs, export/import conditions, and regulations. Moving to a remote or not frequently traveled country might attract extra costs compared to more popular destinations.

Moving services

The services you require would affect the international moving costs. For instance, your global moving coverage increases if you need packing, customs clearance, unpacking, insurance, storage, etc.

Finally, your international moving insurance package will also heavily influence the costs.

13. What if I need storage? Will my shipment be insured?

Most international moving companies in Singapore will provide Storage Extension Cover for the required days at Origin and Destination.

14. Do you pay upfront for removals?

Depending on the international moving company in Singapore you decide to work with, you may have to pay upfront or at least make a deposit.

15. Does home insurance cover a house move?

The misconception that standard home insurance will cover expenses and risks involved in moving your house is very common. In reality, standard home insurance only protects where you are currently staying. It does not cover household goods in transit, especially over international lines. Only international moving insurance covers moving your belongings from one country to another.


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