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First Moving Adventure – Great Tips to Help You Plan for your First International Move.

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

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Are you a newbie to moving? You may have questions like - how can I make my moving day easier? As one of the best international movers in Singapore, we've got terrific tips to help you move to your new home without hassles.

Moving for the first time can be overwhelming. It's okay to be confused about what to do first as moving an entire house is never a simple process. However, we have some tips that can help you get your thoughts together to take the right steps and move to your new place, fuss-free!

1. Make a detailed plan

The first step to every move is a detailed plan. These should be done weeks or months before your actual move. Your plan should include detailed timelines for each step in moving (purging, packing, and sending). Don't forget to include time for your research and getting the appropriate document, taxes cleared and turning off your utilities. Also, make plans for temporary accommodations when you reach your destination and the days after that.

2. Move in the middle of the month

Moving at the start or end of the month might mean that the best teams and movers are booked due to rental leases. Plan to move mid-week and in the middle of the month, to avoid the busy periods experienced by relocation companies in Singapore. These will also help decrease your payments for temporary accommodations.

3. Label your boxes with colour-coded labels

Post-it notes are perfect ways to label your boxes. Use different colours, to help you figure, where each box goes without squinting. For instance, you can use blue colour-coded post-it notes, for office supplies, pink for items you want to donate, green for items you might sell and red for fragile bits.

4. Large units need small boxes

For some people, large items need small boxes, but that isn't true. To ensure that you can easily carry your boxes, and prevent items from falling out of your boxes, always use smaller boxes instead. Relocation companies in Singapore witness these mistakes all the time, and it can cause some mishaps such as damages to your items or lost valuables.

5. Pack breakables with cushions

Breakables are what they are, so the extra cushioning you use besides the right packing materials won't hurt. You can add things like blankets and pillows between these items to prevent them from breaking. That way, you can also easily pack more items in fewer boxes.

6. Purge as much as possible

Although it is tempting to pack everything you own, it isn't always feasible. Make a plan according to the lifestyle you want wherever you are moving to, and get rid of things you don't need. A good rule of thumb is purging out items you haven't used for at least a year or two.

7. Save enough

Ensure you put away enough money for your moving and at least a few months after your move. This is especially important if you are moving to a different country. When you have the right funds in place, you should be able to pay your rent, temporary accommodation fees, daily expenses and emergencies without issues. Also, have enough funds set aside for your moving. Naturally, moving companies in Singapore will provide an estimate, which isn't the final cost of your move. So, it's smart to save more than the estimate.

8. Create a Plan B

Whether you are a first-timer or not, always create a backup plan. Think about the different negative situations that can happen after your move. This is a vital step, especially if you plan to move to a different country. By mapping out a plan on how you will deal with hiccups, you can comfortably handle anything that comes your way.

As a first-timer, moving might seem like a complicated task, but with these simple hacks and tips, you can smoothen the way to your first move into a new home. Happy moving!


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