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10 Frequently Asked Questions on International Moving With Pets

Moving internationally always presents a lot of planning and preparations. Such logistical considerations become all the more necessary when you have to take your pets with you. Travelling abroad with your pets is not as easy as travelling domestically with them. There are guidelines you would have to meet. Answers to these guidelines are what we try to answer as in this frequently asked questions usually put out by concerned pet owners.

Do I need to sedate my pet prior to travelling?

Major airlines offer the option of tranquillising your pets prior to flying with them. Of course, you will need a letter of permission from your Vet. However, professional bodies such as the American Veterinary Medical Association caution against such a move. Also, some pet shipping companies will also not accept pets that have been put under. Therefore, we do not recommend that you sedate your pets before travelling.

Do I need to insure my pet?

Pet travel insurance is a personal choice and many people choose not to prior to travelling. So, you may or may not choose to have one. However, there’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pets are adequately covered. You should contact the necessary insurance companies to know what this type of insurance covers for your pet.

Is pet travel insurance a legal requirement?

No, it is not. However, having a pet insurance cover while moving your pets abroad can take your mind off worrying, and probably save you money if things go awry.

Must my pet undergo microchipping?

While there exist different policy regarding microchipping and vaccinations for pets amongst different countries, majority of these countries, especially EU countries require that your pet be implanted with a microchip just before travel. It is usually a 15 digit, non-encrypted microchip.

What is the right travel crate size for my pets?

Choosing the right travel crate for your pets is very important as your pets will be confined to limited space for a long while. The right size of travel crate for your pet is one that is big enough but not too big. In this case, the right crate is one in which your pet is free to stand and stretch properly, and may even be able to walk around a bit. There must be beddings and enough ventilation to make your pet as comfortable as possible.

Do I need a health certificate for my pet?

Most airlines require a health certificate, with proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies.

Do I need to visit the Vet before I travel?

It’s a great idea to take your pet to the Vet just before you’re scheduled to travel. It offers a great opportunity to make sure that all vaccinations are up-to-date.

Is air travelling the best for Pets?

Animal health specialists have given word that air travel may not be safe for pets, especially breeds such as bulldogs, Persian cats etc. Their flattened faces make it difficult for them to breathe at such high altitude.

Where is the best area for pets during flights?

It is recommended that you bring your pets to the cabin along with you where you can keep an eye on them. Due to the extreme temperatures usually situated in the cargo, do not keep your pets there.

Finals Words

It is always a great experience having your beloved pets with you in your new country of residence. It can help your kids and the entire household adapts to the new environment. Follow all the necessary guidelines about travelling with pets and you will be fine.

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