Moving to USA From Singapore

At SIR MOVE, we understand everyone has a dream—To move to another country. One such country is USA. It has, undoubtedly, the world's best educational institutions, a robust economy, hotspots, seashores, and resorts.

If you plan on moving to USA from Singapore, we can assist. Indeed, the thought itself is a fascinating dream for people and working-class for a better profession and exclusive living.

Also, we can assist you with your residency dream into reality by effectively arranging and executing your plans.  

We are one of the most recommended movers in Singapore who will plan your US move with the assistance of the best services network accessible.

With us moving to USA from Singapore, regardless you are wanting to move to Charlotte, New York, or Chicago, we offer expert moving assistance for your residential and commercial possessions.

What Does SIR MOVE Provide?

SIR MOVE provides complete moving solutions for international and commercial requirements. We’re an award-winning moving company with accomplishments, accolades, such as the 2012 Business Service Award, SME 500, FAIM, and Top 5 Commercial Move Services.

We ensure that no rules and guidelines of the US get violated, along with insurance, non-allowable/dutiable things, archives/documents, and free estimates. And, for any inquiries, you can reach us or check our site.

Also, we work as per your prerequisites, assets, and budget on the following terms:

  • Air Freight

  • LCL Shipments (Less than Container)

  • FCL Shipments (Full Container)

  • Groupage/Shared Dispatching

  • Excess Baggage Services

If you are moving with vehicles, then we will convert related documents into English, such as - the title of ownership, the proforma receipt with the announcement of value, OBL (outside bought vehicles), etc.

If you are moving with pets, then we will arrange a veterinary health certificate and rabies record, and if artifacts, we will arrange the detailed stock, purchase invoice, and other documents.

On destination, our assigned representatives will deal with customs, clearances, and assembling/disassembling of your assets.

SIR MOVE includes experienced and trained packers and movers, which offer services in Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angles, and some more.

Choose us for moving to USA from Singapore and get services for your residential/commercial move needs.

We’ll pack particular goods utilized for outbound shipments. For instance—pictures, closets, sleeping cushion containers, and wooden cases for delicate things. We likewise offer a storage facility if your goal isn't prepared to move-in yet.

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