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Established in Singapore in April 2006, SIR Move Services is a moving company that continues to build a business based on integrity and trust. With a firm belief that 110% attention to the technicalities involved in moving is an expected pre-requisite, it is these strong building blocks that have served as a foundation for their mission which is, to ensure that the delivery of their services comes with consistent quality of exceptional standards at every level and in every move.

Complete Move Solutions

SIR provides Complete Move Solutions for all International, Domestic and Commercial moves.


They include, Storage and Insurance, MOVEPREP™, MOVEBUTLER™, MOVEDETOX™, MOVEConcierge™, MOVEPET™.


The introduction of MOVEPREP™ in the first year of operations has enabled SIR to differentiate its service offerings resulting in MOVEPREP™ becoming a Unique Selling Point. MOVEPREP™ is a systematic methodology designed to help customers better plan and prepare for their move. This proven approach and methodology eliminate all the grey areas as a MOVEPLAN is generated for every relocation. 

The Difference That is SIR

Founders Charlie Scott and Shyla Mathews credits the growth and development of their company to their hardworking and loyal team, many of who have been with them since SIR’s incorporation in 2006. According to Chief Operating Officer and Founder, Shyla Mathews, “What is exceptional to SIR is the sum of our people and their collective attention and commitment to each relocation. There are many things we do that come naturally as a result of experience or instinct. We are determined to ensure that you are never alone in your journey. The dedication has no end; at all times we are present to offer advice, a listening ear and a lending hand. That is the difference that is SIR MOVE”.




The “WOW” effect is a service commitment undertaken by SIR Move to demonstrate how the company values their internal and external customers. This top-down approach forms the core of all communication and it’s a mindset and attitude that is cultivated through service and quality movements and activities organized throughout the year.


“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel”. – Poet and Author Maya Angelou.



Inaugurated in 2009 as a simple effort to support orphanages in Cambodia, this annual affair based on a month long donation drive is now in its 11th year, having already sent over 10 containers to schools, homes and orphanages in Southeast Asia.


In 2013, this annual project culminated in the launch of a Children’s Charity Book, “ My First 7 Days in Singapore”, The book has a strong undertone of giving-back and it supports the fund raising efforts for the Annual Orphanages Charity Drive.


Quality Management Programme

SIR is a member of FIDI! The FIDI Global Alliance has developed the FAIM Quality Management Programme to cover over 200 pre-defined quality requirements covering company operations, services and customers. The 'FAIM Certification Programme is designed to ensure each FIDI-FAIM certified company maintains this expected high level of quality at all times. For more information on FIDI-FAIM please visit During our last audit in September 2019, SIR was awarded the prestigious TOP Performer Award. For more information on what it means to be a TOP PERFORMER.


Accomplishments, Accolades and Milestone Achievements

In 2012 SIR was awarded their first Business Service Award. The following year, SIR was awarded the Promising SME 500 for extraordinary contributions to Singapore’s economy and business landscape.  In 2015/2016, the company was given the Top 20 Business Achiever Award. In 2019, The Finder’s annual “Pay-it-Forward Award” was awarded to SIR for doing the most to benefit a worthy cause or causes through its pro bono services, community outreach, charitable contributions and/or other good works.


Today, SIR is one of the TOP 10 Movers in Singapore for International Relocations and the TOP 5 for Commercial Move Services and Move Management. 



In 2014, SIR ventured out of Singapore and opened up an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While the main office is in the capital, SIR is strategically positioned to handle any move in and out of Malaysia. This fully operational office is offering SIR’s Complete Move Solutions. The Malaysian office is an extension of the owner’s commitment to service and quality excellence.




THE SIR GROUP delivers Global Moving Solutions with the aid of technology to create opportunities and adventures in the next chapter of your story.


With decades of experience and a worldwide quality accreditation our goal is to connect professionals, families and companies to new memories through complete and comprehensive moving solutions at competitive rates.

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